Steven Sharp Nelson

Place of Birth: Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 5, 1977

Ethnicity: English (mostly), as well as Danish, Scottish, Norwegian, Swedish, Welsh, Irish, and German

Steven Sharp Nelson is an American cellist and songwriter. He is a member of the music group The Piano Guys, alongside Jon Schmidt. He is known as “The Cello Guy.”

Steven is the son of Mary and John Nelson. His father was of three quarters English and one quarter Danish descent. His mother’s ancestry was English, Scottish, one eighth Norwegian, one eighth Swedish, and smaller amounts of Welsh, Irish, and German. Steven is married to Julie, with whom he has four children.

His family is LDS.

Steven’s paternal grandfather was George Elroy Nelson (the son of John Christian Nelson and Adaline Delina Richins). George was born in Utah. John was born in Denmark, the son of Christian Nielsen and Christine/Christinna Marie Christofferson/Christopherson. Adaline was born in Utah, to English parents, John Richins and Charlotte Priscilla Taylor.

Steven’s paternal grandmother was Alice Louise Taylor (the daughter of Arthur Nicholls Taylor and Maria Louise Dixon). Alice was born in Utah. Arthur was born in Utah, to English parents, George Taylor and Eliza Nicholls. Maria was the daughter of Henry Aldous Dixon, who was born in South Africa, to English parents, and of Sarah DeGrey, who was English.

Steven’s maternal grandfather was Mervyn Sharp “Bus” Sanders (the son of George Albert Sanders and Mary Emma Sharp). Mervyn was born in Utah. George was born in Utah, to a Norwegian father, Sondra Sanders, and to a Swedish mother, Anna Jorgensson/Jöransson. Mary was the daughter of John Adam Sharp, who was born in Nebraska, to Scottish parents, and of Rebecca Ann Bennion, who was born in Utah, to a Welsh father and an English mother.

Steven’s maternal grandmother was Cora Maurine Oldroyd (the daughter of John Thomas Oldroyd and Cora Geneva Ivory). Cora was born in Utah. John was the son of John Jolley Oldroyd, who was born in Utah, to a Scottish father, of half English descent, and an English mother, and of Mary Ann Morgan, who was born in Utah, to English parents. Cora was the daughter of George Washington Ivory, who was born in Pennsylvania, of Irish, German, and English descent, and Mercie/Mercy Collard, who was English.

He is a fourth cousin, once removed, of actress Sophie Thatcher, through their shared maternal ancestors Samuel Bennion and Mary Bushell.

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    His family is strongly involved in Mormon community.

    One of his relatives is this man (same name of his 2nd great-grandfather):

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