Travis Cluff

Cluff in 2015, photo by DFree/

Place of Birth: Orange, California, United States

Date of Birth: August 31, 1977

Ethnicity: English, Irish, German, Welsh, one eighth Danish, 1/16th Norwegian, 1/32 Swedish, distant Dutch

Travis Cluff is an American director, producer, and writer.

He is married to Amber Ott, with whom he has four children.

Travis’ paternal grandfather was Murray Cluff (the son of Franklin Alfred Cluff and Lucy Delilah Sims). Murray was born in Arizona. Franklin was born in Utah, the son of Alfred Aaron Cluff and Jane McCullough Foster, whose parents were Irish. Lucy was born in Utah, the daughter of Samuel John Sims, who was English, and of Mary Susan Oyler.

Travis’ paternal grandmother was Alice Fae Kone (the daughter of William Albert Kone and Alice Taylor Petersen). Travis’ grandmother Alice was born in Utah. William was born in Iowa, the son of William Henry Harrison Coon and Mary Ann Headlee. Travis’ great-grandmother Alice was born in Utah, the daughter of Peter Peterson, who was Danish, and of Mary Elizabeth Thurman.

Travis’ maternal grandfather was Leland Darwin Wilkins (the son of George Leland Wilkins and Fern Johnson). Leland was born in Arizona. George was born in Arizona, the son of George Wilkins and Mary Williams, whose father was Welsh. Fern was born in Mexico, to American parents, Elmer Wood Johnson and Julia Ann Orton, whose own father was English.

Travis’ maternal grandmother was Beth Maurine Allred (the daughter of Perry Leon Allred and Ellen Olean Jorgensen). Beth was born in Utah. Perry was born in Utah, the son of Charles Edward Allred, whose mother was Swedish, and of Ruth Longson, whose parents were English. Ellen was born in Utah, the daughter of Herman Franklin Jorgensen, whose parents were Norwegian, and of Bertha Ann Olsen, whose parents were Danish.

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