Wayne Static

Static-X – Ozzfest 2007 – Static-X – Pre-Concert Photos – Shoreline Amphitheatre – Mountain View, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Andrew Wilson / PR Photos

Birth Name: Wayne Richard Wells

Date of Birth: November 4, 1965

Place of Birth: Muskegon, Michigan, U.S.

Date of Death: November 1, 2014

Place of Death: Landers, California, U.S.

Ethnicity: English, Irish, 1/8 Austrian, 1/8 Czech, possibly other

Wayne Static was an American musician. He is known as the lead vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist and programmer for the American industrial metal band Static-X.

He was the son of Marie Darlene (Hacker) and Richard Vernon “Dick” Wells.

Wayne was married to pornographic actress Tera Wray, until his death.

Wayne’s maternal grandfather was Charles Hacker (the son of Károly, also known as Karl in German or Charles in English, Hacker and Marie Klempová, later Mary Klempa). Wayne’s grandfather Charles was born in Illinois. Wayne’s great-grandfather Karl was an Austrian emigrant, from Stegersbach, Burgenland, and was the son of Johannes (or János in Hungarian) Hacker and Maria (or Mária in Hungarian) Kruisz. Wayne’s great-grandmother Marie was a Czech emigrant, and was the daughter of František “Frank” Klempa and Eva Morová.

Wayne’s maternal grandmother was Elizabeth Marie Lambert (later, Cartwright, the daughter of Harvey Stephen Lambert and Bessie Mae Waidley). Elizabeth was born in Michigan. She was adopted by her stepfather, William George Cartwright. Harvey was a Canadian emigrant, from Tilbury West, Ontario, and was the son of Mahlon Austin Lambert, who was of English descent, and of Elizabeth M. Stein, who was of Irish descent. Bessie was the daughter of Elias M. Waidley and Miriam E. O. “Marian/Mary” Hand.

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  1. George25 says:

    Looks like he might had Ingush, Chechen, Avar or Circassian ancestry

  2. madman says:

    Is it only me who doesn’t get these “Károly, or Karl in German and Charles in English”? Names aren’t translatable. If his name was Károly, then that was his name, and not Karl or Charles. Because the names share roots doesn’t make them exchangable. Name changes are a different issue.

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