Jamie Blackley

"If I Stay" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Blackley in 2014, photo by Starfrenzy/bigstock.com

Birth Name: Jamie Alexander Blackley

Place of Birth: Douglas, Isle of Man

Date of Birth: 8 July, 1991

Ethnicity: English, Irish

Jamie Blackley is a British actor. His roles include the films Prowl, Vinyl (2012), And While We Were Here, Uwantme2killhim?, We Are the Freaks, If I Stay, Irrational Man, Kids in Love, Slaughterhouse Rulez, and Greed (2019), and television’s The Halcyon, Traitors, The Last Kingdom, and Becoming Elizabeth.

He was born in Douglas, on the Isle of Man, and was raised in south London, England. He has English and Irish ancestry.

Jamie’s patrilineal line can be traced to his great-great-great-great-grandparents, James Blackley, who was born, c. 1780, in Kent, England, and to James’s wife, Sarah Ruff.

Jamie’s paternal grandfather was Frederick Blackley (the son of Alfred George Edwin Blackley and Elizabeth Flora Molineaux). Frederick was born in St. Olave Bermondsey, London, England. Alfred was the son of Alfred Blackley and Sarah Sear. Elizabeth was the daughter of Stephen Molineaux and Elizabeth McDonald. Jamie’s Molineaux line has been in England since at least the late 1780s, and most Molineaux families have been English since at least the 1500s.

Jamie’s paternal grandmother was Irene Frances Hay (the daughter of Edward Robert Hay and Frances Ada Durnford). Irene was born in Greenwich, London, England. Edward was the son of John W. Hay and Catherine Stewart. Frances Durnford was the daughter of Ernest Alfred Durnford and Emily Margaret King.

Jamie’s maternal grandparents are possibly named Arthur McCourt and Jean F. Ball.

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  1. jonasbttencourt says:

    The exact same “ethnicities” of David Bowie lol something’s wrong…

    • andrew says:

      Well, you are clueless.

      • jonasbttencourt says:

        Oh, hello you again, head of my hate club! So, is clueless to point out that there’s something clearly off when someone as dark haired and eyed and with and broad features as Jamie is listed with the exact same “ethnicities” of someone as caucasian as David Bowie? Does it really make sense to separate british isles populations into different ethnicities, when is well known that they have been mixing with each other and continental europeans for centuries? Sure that im the clueless here? Bye have a nice day and take care!

        • jonasbttencourt says:

          *and with broad features

          *With caucasian i mean pale complexion, thin lips and nose, light eyes and hair

        • andrew says:

          Actually nobody hates you, you just write silly stuff.

          It appears there is some misunderstanding, by non-European people, about the physical appearence of people from British Isles.

          Since you cited Bowie, think to most known British musicians and you will realize Blackley’s colouring is probably more common than Bowie’s. Besides him, Sting (the Police dyed their hair though), or Plant (who claimed to be part Gypsy), not many Nordic types you find.

  2. andrew says:

    What do you mean for “from Morocco”? He does not look Moroccan at all.

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