John Reynolds

Birth Name: John Paul Reynolds

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: August 5, 1991

Ethnicity: 3/16ths Norwegian, one eighth Slovak, along with Irish, Scottish, German, and English

John Reynolds, also billed as John Paul Reynolds, is an American actor and writer. His roles include the films Most Likely to Murder, Save Yourselves!, Horse Girl, and Cowboys, and the shows Stranger Things, Search Party, Four Weddings and a Funeral, and Yellowjackets.

His father appears to be of Irish, Scottish, and English descent. His mother is of three eighths Norwegian, one eighth Slovak, and the rest German, Irish, and English, ancestry.

John’s paternal grandfather likely was named John Paul Reynolds (the son of Paul N. Reynolds and Elizabeth C.). John was born in Wisconsin. John’s great-grandfather Paul’s father was Irish. Elizabeth’s father was Scottish.

John’s paternal grandmother likely was Martha Lucile Maxim (the daughter of Charles E. Maxim and Anna M. McCambridge). John’s grandmother Martha was born in Minneosta. Charles was the son of Alfred A. Maxim and Mary Adelaide Crissey, and had Scottish and English ancestry. John’s great-grandmother Anna was born in Glasgow, Scotland, the daughter of Vincent McCambridge, who was also born in Scotland, likely of entirely or partly Irish descent; and of Letitia McGee, who was Irish, from Drummaul, County Antrim.

John’s maternal grandfather was Joseph Louis Fujko (the son of Joseph R. Fujko and Evelyn Carey). John’s grandfather Joseph was born in Menomonie, Wisconsin. John’s great-grandfather Joseph was the son of Slovak parents, Joseph Fujko, from Trebostov, and Anna Simko, from Danova. Evelyn was the daughter of George M. Carey and Margaret McBurney, and had German and Irish ancestry.

John’s maternal grandmother was Deloris Elaine Olson (the daughter of Leroy Louis Olson and Jennie Olga Bakke). Leroy was the son of Karl/Carl Markus Olson, whose parents were Norwegian, and of Annie May Sipe, who was of German and English descent. Jennie was the daughter of Norwegian parents, Ole Bakke and Helga Peterson.

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