Benedict Mazurek

New York, NY, USA – March 4, 2016: Benedict Mazurek attends the ‘Little Miss Perfect’ New York special screening at DGA Theater Manhattan, photo by vonora/

Birth Name: Benedict Samuel Mazurek

Place of Birth: Pittsburg, Kansas, U.S.

Date of Birth: November 3, 1991

Ethnicity: German, Irish, English, Scottish, one eighth Polish, one eighth Czech/Bohemian, 1/64th Norwegian, distant Welsh

Benedict Mazurek is an American actor.

His father has German, Irish, English, Scottish, Czech/Bohemian, Polish, and Norwegian ancestry. His mother is mostly of German and English descent.

Benedict’s paternal grandfather was Gary Daniel Mazurek (the son of Benedict Stanley Mazurek and Marjorie E. “Margie” Schuller). Gary was born in Minnesota. Benedict’s great-grandfather Benedict was born in Minnesota, the son of John August Mazurek/Masorik, whose parents were from Poland/Germany, and of Stella Bruskwinski, who was Polish. Marjorie was born in Minnesota, the daughter of John Gregory Schuller, who was of German descent, and of Elizabeth I. Haviland, who had Irish and English ancestry.

Benedict’s paternal grandmother is Vicki Dee Kubista (the daughter of Roman Samuel Kubista and Beatrice Mary Madigan). Vicki was born in Minnesota. Roman was born in Minnesota, the son of Anton Kubista, whose parents were from Dlouhá Třebová, Bohemia, Czech Republic; and of Emeley Bertha Kasper, whose parents were from Ústí nad Orlicí, also in Bohemia. Beatrice was born in North Dakota, the daughter of Michael Joseph Madigan, whose parents were Irish, and of Pearl Westmiller, whose maternal grandfather was of Norwegian descent.

Benedict’s maternal grandfather was Marvin W. Bauerle (the son of Anton Bauerle and Hedwig Stelper/Stolper). Marvin was born in Missouri. Anton was born in Missouri, to German parents, Alois Bauerle and Rosa Eberle. Hedwig was from Bühlertal, Germany.

Benedict’s maternal grandmother was Doris Marie Hutson (the daughter of Ernest True Hutson and Bertha Pearl French). Doris was born in Missouri. Ernest was born in Missouri, the son of Ernest Lee Hutson and Ora Belle Wicks. Bertha was born in Missouri, the daughter of James William French and Mina Tyson Choplin.

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