Jason David Frank

Power Morphicon 2010 - Day 2

Frank in 2010, photo by Prphotos.com

Date of Birth: September 4, 1973

Place of Birth: Covina, Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Death: November 19, 2022

Date of Death: Houston, Texas, U.S.

*father – German, English, Irish
*mother – Greek, Polish

Jason David Frank was an American actor and mixed martial arts fighter. He played Tommy Oliver, originally the Green Ranger, in the Power Rangers franchise. He created his own form of American karate, Toso Kune Do.

Jason was sometimes thought to be Native American (his character on Power Rangers is Native American), but he did not have Native American ancestry.

Jason had three children with his first wife Shawna, and a daughter with his second wife Tammie.

Jason’s paternal grandfather was Walter Thomas Frank (the son of Walter W. Frank and Marie Davis). Jason’s grandfather Walter was born in Ohio. Jason’s great-grandfather Walter was born in Ohio, to German parents, August Julius Frank and Emma A./E. Glinke/Glink/Glienke. Marie was the daughter of Thomas H. Davis and Elizabeth C. “Bessie” McGrath.

Jason’s paternal grandmother was Elizabeth “Libby” Martin (the daughter of Charles H. Martin and Eula Carol Wood). Elizabeth was born in Ohio. Charles was the son of Frank W. Martin and Flora/Florilla Belle Turner. Eula was the daughter of Ebenezer Wood and Minerva Dell Rowling.

Jason’s maternal grandfather was William Peter Soter (born Vasili Soteropoulos, the son of Peter/Panyiotis Nickolas Soter/Soteropoulos and Christina/Chrissoula Phillips/Philipopoulos). Bill was born in Greece. Jason’s great-grandfather Peter was born in Siamo, Messenia, Greece, the son of Nickolas Soteropoulos. Christina was born in Meropi, Messenia.

Jason’s maternal grandmother was Olga Bernice Podgorny (the daughter of Andrzej/Andrew Anthony Podgorny and Mary Josephine Witek). Olga was born in Iowa, to Polish parents. Andrzej was from Zamieście, near Limanowa, and was the son of Matthew Podgorny and Kunegunda Biedron. Mary Josephine was from Tarnow, and was the daughter of John Witek and Agnes Shob.

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  1. Dave says:

    Looks Greek I would say that’s his number 1 in terms of looks like then possibly German and English after doesn’t look Irish at all . I would say looks sixty percent Greek twenty percent German 20 English

  2. passingtime85 says:


  3. alexgxo says:

    He had an Anglo sounding name but looked very “ethnic”. Now I see why. I thought he might’ve been Jewish.

    I had heard his Power Rangers character was suppose to be Native to some unspecified degree, but I guess he himself isn’t.

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