Adam Hagenbuch

Hagenbuch in 2018, photo by

Birth Name: Adam Joseph Hagenbuch

Place of Birth: Ventura, California, United States

Date of Birth: January 22, 1991

Ethnicity: Slovak or Rusyn (maternal grandmother), German, English, possibly other

Adam Hagenbuch is an American actor.

Adam’s paternal grandparents are named Herbert W. Hagenbuch are Judith Ann.

Adam’s maternal grandfather is named William E. Underwood.

Adam’s maternal grandmother is Mary T. Kosalko/Kosolko (the daughter of Joseph Michael Kosalko/Kosolko and Mary Rose Pekarik/Peckarick). Adam’s grandmother Mary was born in Pennsylvania. Joseph was born in Czechoslovakia, and was a Slovak speaker. Adam’s great-grandmother Mary was born in Pennsylvania, to parents from Czechoslovakia, Michael Pekarik/Peckarick and Anna Pavelko, who were Slovak speakers.

Source: Obituary of Adam’s maternal grandfather, Mary T. (Kosalko) Underwood –

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