Hilaria Baldwin

Baldwin in 2012, Joe Seer

Birth Name: Hillary Lynn Hayward-Thomas

Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 6, 1984

Ethnicity: English, German, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, one eighth Slovak, French-Canadian, distant Dutch

Hilaria Baldwin is an American fitness and wellness expert, yoga instructor, entrepreneur, podcaster, and author. She is married to actor Alec Baldwin, with whom she has seven children. She is also known as Hilaria Thomas.

While Hilaria is sometimes believed to be of Spanish origin, including roots in Mallorca, this is not the case. Her parents did move to Mallorca when she was in her 20s.

Hilaria’s children all have Spanish/Italian first names.

Hilaria’s paternal grandfather was David Lloyd Thomas (the son of Enoch Anson Thomas and Mary Freda Weeks). David was born in Iowa. Enoch was the son of John Williams Thomas and Dora Lovisa Gallup. Mary was the daughter of Alva B. Weeks and Christiane Schmidt.

Hilaria’s paternal grandmother was Mary Lou Artman (the daughter of Walter Hubert Artman and Mary Helen Springer). Hilaria’s grandmother Mary Lou was born in Kansas. Walter was the son of John Stephens/Stephen Artman and Rebecca Evaline Baker. Hilaria’s great-grandmother Mary was the daughter of Samuel F. Springer and Norma Evalina Kerr.

Hilaria’s maternal grandfather is Charles Byrne Hayward (the son of Milton Albert Hayward and Mary Anna Helen Byrne). Charles was born in Massachusetts. Milton was the son of Thomas Harry Hayward, whose parents were English, and of Agnes M. Pierce, who had an English father and an Irish mother. Hilaria’s great-grandmother Mary Anna was the daughter of Thomas Joseph Byrne, who had Irish ancestry, and of Anna V. Freniere, who was of French-Canadian background.

Hilaria’s maternal grandmother was Irene Lillian Webler (the daughter of Francis M. R. Webler and Lillian Antonia Rura). Irene was born in Massachusetts. Francis was the son of Byron Martin Webler and Minervia B. “Minnie” Stahnke, whose parents were German. Hilaria’s great-grandmother Lillian was the daughter of Slovak parents, Victor Freddie Rura, from Gňazdá, Stará Ľubovňa, and Anna Alexik/Aleksik.

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8 Responses

  1. porkarella says:

    Can’t looks Spaniard cause her face is not Berids means the white people from Spain and Portugal have thicker features still thin and regular but not so thin like her she’s Brit dying hair as black and tanning + the fake crappy accent don’t makes her automatically Spaniard what a clown she is.
    Here in this site we had a male Hilario Baldwin a.k.a. NOT REAL the user with the pic of a slice of pizza sits down on chair he was always claimed to be Spaniard from Spain but he don’t speaks a word of Spanish and he’s totally out the info of Spain and Spaniards I busted him every time was funny but he denied to not be.

  2. andrew says:

    Note she is 1/8 Slovak

  3. Adryan says:

    A White Person posing as Another White European Person. Hahahaha It’s hilarious, Only in the United States does this happen

  4. Akwaba says:

    Another Rachel Dolezal ?

    • andrew says:

      I dont think so.

      • alexgxo says:

        I think the fact that she faked her entire identify and lied about her family origins/background is why people have compared her to Rachel Dolezal, but I don’t think she’s “Another Rachel Dolezal”.

        I’ve seen comments on this one YouTube video that were about 8 years old from people claiming they knew her growing up and explained everything. I’mshocked she kept up this lie for so long.

        • andrew says:

          There’s a big difference between claiming to be Spanish and claiming to be African-American.

          If this woman was called Ilaria Baldellou (closest Spanish surname I could think) nobody would have questioned.

  5. andrew says:

    >Harry Hayward, whose parents were English, and Agnes M. Pierce, who had an English father and an Irish mother.

    >Joseph Byrne, who had Irish ancestry, and Anna V. Freniere, who was of French-Canadian background.

    * Minerva “Minnie” B. Stahnke’s parents were German: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:M97S-ZDQ?from=lynx1UIV8&treeref=9N3T-VXF

    Most of her father’s lines are German, as well as the Webler on her maternal side. She has also some/distant Dutch ancestry.

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