Hannes van Dahl

Birth Name: Karl-Hannes Dahl

Place of Birth: Brunnhem, Västra Götaland, Sweden

Date of Birth: 18 January, 1990

Ethnicity: Swedish

Hannes van Dahl is a Swedish musician. He is the drummer of heavy metal bands Evergrey and Sabaton.

His mother is named Christina Cecilia Dahl. His biological father is likely surnamed Bolumlid.

Hannes is married to Dutch singer and songwriter Floor Jansen, with whom he has a daughter.

Hannes’ maternal grandfather was Karl Gustaf Torvald Dahl (the son of Herman Fridolf Dahl and Signe Viola “Vivan” Norén). Torvald was born in Bjärka, Västra Götaland. Herman was the son of Anton Hansson and Amalia Olausdotter. Viola was the daughter of Nils Johan Norén and Josefina Johansdotter.

Hannes’ maternal grandmother was Gerda Maria Karlsson (the daughter of Gustav Karlsson and Agda Cecilia Johansson). Gerda was born in Norra Ving, Västra Götaland. Hannes’ great-grandfather Gustav was the son of Karl Karlsson and Maja Katarina Davidsdotter. Agda was the daughter of Gustaf Johansson and Anna Matilda Andersdotter.

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