Natasha Liu Bordizzo

02/22/2016 – Natasha Liu Bordizzo – “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny” Los Angeles Premiere – Arrivals – AMC Universal CityWalk 19 with IMAX, 100 Universal City Plaza – Universal City, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Kazuki Hirata / /

Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia

Date of Birth: 25 August, 1994

*Italian (father)
*Chinese (mother)

Natasha Liu Bordizzo is an Australian actress and model. Her Chinese name is 劉承羽. She is known for her roles in the films The Greatest Showman, Hotel Mumbai, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny, and Day Shift, and on the show The Society.

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  1. sammie!!!!!!!!! says:

  2. jonasbttencourt says:

    Don’t look italian at all.

    • madman says:

      Dude, put a shirt on.

      • andrew says:

        This is not a dating site, or I miss something?

        • madman says:

          Not sure anymore.

          • jackson9 says:

            If it is there are a list of celebrities I want. Mindy Sterling, Abigail Breslin, Bette Midler. Do I need to use a picture as well or can I keep my regular avatar picture to date?

          • jonasbttencourt says:

            “this is not a dating site”, “put a shirt on”… Oh man, you salty, bitter, insecure people are so cute. So, because it’s not a dating site, i will have to stick with a creepy avatar photo? Hahaha… Don’t think so, you guys should get out of the basement and start to work out a little and stop “shaming” people who are mildly good looking and are not afraid to show it, this is called having a self esteem in case you don’t know. You guys can grow some muscle and develope some self esteem as well, it’s easier than appears, believe me! Wish you all a great day bye!

          • jonasbttencourt says:

            *with “mildly good looking” i mean reasonably presentable, never thought too highly of myself, but i just realize that if i don’t look like i have been in a terrible car crash there’s nothing wrong about showing some skin here and there. Just don’t like using avatars like these you guys use, if you like it, whatever, i prefer to use a normal pic, i been working out lately and im pleased with the results, so whats wrong with showing? Get why some of you might think it’s not apropriate to put here, but this pic came out better than i thought, i use it for a while on Facebook than i change it recently, so i put here to not dispose it completely since i like it. But whatever, i don’t wont shame you guys for not put a pic of yourselves here, so i expect you to do the same with people who decide to put it. Sorry for my earlier comment, bye.

          • madman says:

            Hilarious response. We were messing around with you, no need for your entire life story.

            This guy could really be the new neiltennant, one that can spell better.

          • andrew says:


            You should use a David Schwimmer pic.

          • madman says:

            Not a good idea, it will just be another mildly good looking person for us to shame.

          • andrew says:

            Nobody can challenge Jonas Bettencourt in this field.

          • andrew says:


            Just realized he is the only user so far (AFAIK) who have put a pic of him in the avatar. Mind that we can’t be sure that’s really him (people with such personalities use to steal other people’s pic on the internet), though.

  3. la8289 says:

    She looks 100% asian.

  4. izzybizzy says:

    She’s —-

  5. andrew says:

    her Italian ancestry likely comes from Piedmont. Her surname does not exist elsewhere in Italy.

    • madman says:

      I’ve wondered after all your comments about where in Italy certain ancestors are from: Is it really possible to draw such strong conclusion about the area from just the surname when it comes to Italy? Have Italians really not moved around in their country at all for the last 500 years?

        • madman says:

          That’s not really what I meant. I don’t doubt the diversity of Italian surnames. But can you really tell with certainty where someone comes from by hearing their surname?

          Sweden also has surnames that originates in certain regions, despite a large proportion being derived from a paternal ancestor (Andersson, etc.). But today it’s hardly possible to use the origin of a name to guess where they’re actually from. My own surname (a rare one), for example, is from one region in Sweden, but an ancestor of mine moved from there to another region, where most of the people with my surname lives today. And my own father moved from that region to where I was born and brought up.

          Has Italians really stayed in their own villages for so many generations that their surnames have become a perfect indicator of where the people are from? Because if you would’ve looked up my surname and guessed where I was from based on where it originates or where it’s most common, you’d likely be wrong.

          • andrew says:

            >But can you really tell with certainty where someone comes from by hearing their surname? YES.

            Every region has its typical suffixes or prefixes that indicate the origin of a surname.

            For example surnames in Veneto (or Friuli) sound very unique:
            Pavan, Trevisan, Furlan (-an)
            Ballarin, Visentin (-in)
            Schiavon, Zanon, Benetton (-on)
            Dal Molin, Dal Corso, Dal Borgo (Dal-)
            Volpato, Marcato, Morellato, Marconato (-ato)

            Lo Cascio, Lo Giudice, Lo Celso, Lo Presti (Lo-)

            De Rosa, De Luca, De Simone, De Filippo, (De-)

            Santini, Puccini, Chiellini, Martini, Giannini, Bartolini, Pellegrini (-ini)

            Di Marco, Di Pietro, Di Carlo, Di Felice, Di Giovanni, D’Amico (Di-)


            Or for example if your hear surnames like Esposito or Brambilla, you know they are synonymous of Naples and Milan, respectively.

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