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BARCELONA - JAN, 12: Gareth Bale of Real Madrid during the Spani

Bale in 2014, photo by Maxisports/

Birth Name: Gareth Frank Bale

Place of Birth: South Glamorgan, Glamorganshire, Wales

Date of Birth: 16 July, 1989

Ethnicity: Welsh, English

Gareth Bale is a Welsh professional footballer. He holds the world record transfer fee, of £85.3 million (€100 million), to Real Madrid.

Gareth was born in South Glamorgan, Glamorganshire, Wales, to Deborah A. (Pike), an operations manager, and Frank G. Bale, a school caretaker. He is the nephew of former Cardiff City footballer Chris Pike. Gareth was eligible to play for England through his grandmother.

Gareth has three children with his fiancée Emma Rhys-Jones.

Gareth’s paternal grandparents’ surnames are Bale and Bell-Langford.

Gareth’s maternal grandparents may be Dennis Pike (the son of Frederick W. Pike and Elizabeth M. Griffiths) and Patricia A. Watson.

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  1. Oaken05 says:

    So, which grandparent is English?

  2. alexgxo says:

    I’m glad not the only one who thought he kind of looked like a monkey. I think the projected jaw/lower face gives him that look.

    Good player none the less.

  3. andrew says:

    son of Frank G. Bale and Deborah A. Pike.

    Gareth’s paternal grandparents’s surnames are “Bale” and “Bell-Langford”

    Gareth’s maternal grandparents are/were Dennis Pike (the son of Frederick W.Pike and Elizabeth M. Griffiths) and Patricia A. Watson.


  4. perez-richart says:

    excellent player

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