Amira Casar

66th Annual Cannes Film Festival - "Michael Kohlhaas" Premiere - Arrivals

Casar in 2013, photo by

Place of Birth: London, England

Date of Birth: May 1, 1971

Ethnicity: Iranian, Kurdish, Russian

Amira Casar is a French actress. Her roles include the films Why Not Me?, How I Killed My Father, Saint Laurent (2014), Call Me by Your Name, At Eternity’s Gate, Curiosa, The Contractor, and Visions (2023).

Amira having Kurdish and Russian ancestry is mentioned here, here, and here. She was raised in England, Ireland, and France. Amira is fluent in English and French, and has worked in German, Italian, and Spanish as well.

Amira is said to be the daughter of opera and folk singer Pari Zangheneh, who was born Parirokh Shahyalani in Kashan, Iran; and the sister of Shahpari Azam Zanganeh, who was the third wife of billionaire Saudi playboy and arms dealer Adnan Kashoggi.


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  1. ann says:

    She’s confirm her Kurdish and Russian heritage, although didn’t really want to talk about it.
    At 0:25 she said “oui” to fact what her father is Kurdish and affirmative nodded and said “d’origine” at 2:13 to the assertion that her mother is Russian.

    Here she also no denying her ancestry.

    “Kurdish on her father’s side, Russian on her grandmother’s” –

    If not delusional, I also remember Russian interview, where she mentioned her Russian grandmother, but didnt find it yet.

    But is her mother and sister are really those people? I just can’t find anything what can confirm their relation.

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