Gilles Duceppe

31st Annual Genie Awards Gala

Place of Birth: Montréal, Québec, Canada

Date of Birth: July 22, 1947

*75% French-Canadian, including distant Swiss-German
*25% English

Gilles Duceppe is a Canadian politician. He was Leader of the Bloc Québécois party, having served in this capacity from January 16, 1996 to February 17, 1996, from March 15, 1997 to May 2, 2011, and from June 10, 2015 to October 22, 2015. As such, he served as Leader of the Opposition in the Canadian Parliament, from January 16, 1996 to February 17, 1996, and again from March 15, 1997 to June 1, 1997. He was an MP for Laurier—Sainte-Marie, from August 13, 1990 to May 1, 2011.

Gilles is the son of Hélène (Rowley) and actor Jean Duceppe (born Jean Duceppe Hotte). His maternal grandfather was an English immigrant. The rest of Gilles’s ancestry is French-Canadian, with a small amount of Swiss-German.

Gilles’s paternal grandfather was Aimé Hotte (the son of Simon Hotte and Marie Elmire Philomène Raza). Simon was the son of Simon Hotte and Josephte Desjardins. Philomène was the daughter of Hyppolyte Raza Ranjard and Elmire Maret Dit Lépine.

Gilles’s paternal grandmother was Claire Dutrisac (the daughter of Dosithé Dutrisac and Léocadie Legault). Dosithé was the son of Joseph Dutrisac and Marie Nantel. Léocadie was the daughter of Basile Legault and Marguerite Leblanc.

Gilles’s maternal grandfather was John James Rowley (the son of Jean Rowley and Helen Haley).

Gilles’s maternal grandmother was Marie-Josephe Yvonne Pilon (the daughter of Ludger Pilon and Malvina Albina Quesnel). Ludger was the son of Hyacinthe Pilon and Emilie Vallee. Malvina was the daughter of Magloire Quesnel and Elmire Smith. Elmire had a small amount of Swiss-German ancestry, with her family’s surname originally being “Schmidt”.

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