Fantastic Negrito

Negrito in 2019, photo by kathclick/

Birth Name: Xavier Amin Dphrepaulezz

Place of Birth: Massachusetts, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 20, 1968

*father – Somali and/or African-Bahamian
*mother – African-American, as well as distant Scottish

Fantastic Negrito is an American singer and songwriter.

He is the son of Fatimah and Luiidj Hassan Dphrepaulezz. Fantastic’s father is said to have been born in Somalia. Fantastic’s mother was African-American, with roots in Virginia. He was raised Muslim.

Fantastic has stated (at 1:41) that his father was an African-Caribbean, who had a Somali-Bahamian background.

He has also said:

I think my dad wasn’t even African, now that I think of it. I got older and I tried to chase his roots and I find, ‘Oh —-, you made a lot of —- up.’ I think my last name may be made up. I think my dad was just a really interesting guy, a rebel. Like, he always had this kind of accent… and now me and my brother go, ‘Was he just making up this accent all the time?’ It’s weird.

Fantastic has mentioned that a woman who likely would have been his five times great-grandmother, Elizabeth Gallimore, was a white Scottish indentured servant in Virginia, who had a child with his ancestor, an enslaved African-American.


Death record of Fantastic’s father –

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  1. sajmonn says:

    Apparently he has Scottish ancestor
    “His ancestor Elizabeth Gallimore was white, Scottish, indentured servant working in Virginia, who fell in love with an enslaved Black man from a nearby plantation. All the bells and the alarms went off because the shock was that Elizabeth Gallimore, my seventh-generation grandmother, was a white woman.”

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