Joseph Altuzarra

Altuzarra in 2016, photo by excelentphoto/

Birth Name: Joseph John Paul Altuzarra

Place of Birth: Paris, France

Date of Birth: c. 1983

*father – Basque, French
*mother – Chinese

Joseph Altuzarra is a French, luxury women’s ready-to-wear clothing designer.

His father, Philippe Altuzarra, was born in France, and is of Basque and French descent. His mother, Karen, is from California, and is of Chinese descent. Among Joseph’s cousins is model and landscape designer Lily Scout Kwong. Joseph’s mother and Lily’s father are siblings. He is also related to television chef and author Kylie Kwong.

Joseph is married to Seth Weissman.

Joseph’s maternal grandfather is Robert Richard “Bob” Kwong (the son of Kwang Lim Kwong and Lillian Cheng Fong). Robert was born in Melbourne, Australia. Kwang Lim Kwong was born in Darwin, Australia, and was a diplomat and banker. He was the first person born in Australia to attend Harvard Business School. Kwang’s parents, Kwong Sue Duk and Yuen Shi, were Chinese, and his father, also known as Kwong See Tek (鄺仕德), was a prominent herbalist, merchant, and miner, from Guangdong. Joseph’s great-grandmother Lillian was born in China, the daughter of Cheng Fong. She moved to Boston.

Joseph’s maternal grandmother is Jeannette Chien Lan Wei (the daughter of T. F. Wei and Ethel Law Pui-Fun). Jeannette was born in China. Ethel was born in Singapore.

Sources: Joseph’s maternal grandfather, Robert Richard “Bob” Kwong, on the 1940 U.S. Census –

Obituary of Joseph’s maternal great-grandmother, Ethel Law Pui-Fun Wei –

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    Kwang Lim Kwong, a diplomat and banker, has notably been the first person born in Australia to go to Harvard Business School.(1919–1921) Lillian Cheng Fong was a Chinese-American from Boston:

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