Michael Esper

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Birth Name: Michael James Esper

Place of Birth: Manhattan, New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: December 1, 1976

*40.625% German
*25% Syrian
*25% Italian
*9.375% English

Michael Esper is an American actor.

Michael is the son of acting teachers Suzanne Marie (Oberjat) and William Joseph “Bill” Esper. He has a sister, Shannon Lucia.

Michael’s paternal grandfather was James V. Esper (the son of Slaiby/Slaby Esper and Helen Joseph). Slaiby was born in Damascus, Syria, the son of Abraham Esper. Helen was also from Syria.

Michael’s paternal grandmother was Daisy Mae/May Perram (the daughter of Elmer H. Perram and Clara L. Itschner). Elmer was the son of Charles Henry Perram, whose parents were English, and of Julia Ann Green, whose father was the son of German parents and whose mother was English. Clara was the daughter of Herman C. Itschner/Itchner, whose parents were German, and of Louisa Straub, whose parents were from France and Germany, and were ethnic Germans.

Michael’s maternal grandfather was Emil Hans Oberjat, Jr. (the son of Emil Oberjat, Sr. and Elise Werner/Wagner). Michael’s grandfather Emil was born in Germany. Michael’s great-grandfather Emil was the son of Leopold Oberjat and Henriette Gelhaar. Elise was the daughter of Jacob Werner/Wagner and Elizabeth Hergenhau.

Michael’s maternal grandmother was Lucia/Lucy Irene Lomacchio/Macchio/Machio (the daughter of Thomas J. Machio and Anne Spano). Lucia was born in New York, to parents from Italy.


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Marc Scibilia

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Birth Name: Marc Antony Scibilia

Place of Birth: Buffalo, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 20, 1986

*Italian (father)
*Syrian Arab (maternal grandfather)
*Lebanese Arab (maternal grandmother)

Marc Scibilia is an American singer and songwriter.

His father, Robert Francis Scibilia, is of Italian descent. His mother, Jeannine A. (Sawma), is of Lebanese and Syrian descent.

Marc is married to Mindy Skelton.

Marc’s paternal grandfather was Anthony J. “Tony” Scibilia (the son of Francesco “Frank” Scibilia and Anna Antonuccio). Frank was an Italian emigrant, from Messina, Sicily, and was the son of Antonio “Anthony/Tony” Scibilia and Maria “Mary” Carilli. Anna was the daughter of Italian emigrants, Giuseppe “Joseph/Joe” Antonuccio and Antonina “Nancy” Bessina.

Marc’s paternal grandmother was Jeanette A. Desiderio (the daughter of Camillo Desiderio and Giustina Paolini). Camillo was an Italian emigrant, from Moscufo, Pescara, Abruzzo, and was the son of Antonio Desiderio and Filomena Di Clemente. Giustina was also an Italian emigrant, from Moscufo, and was the daughter of Nicola Paolini and Serafina Tebo.

Marc’s maternal grandfather was Tafe Joseph Sawma (the son of Moses Sawma and Kaffa Esmer). Moses and Kaffa were Syrian emigrants.

Marc’s maternal grandmother was Jeanette Aboujaoude (the daughter of Assad Aboujaoude and Saleme Koury). Jeanette was a Lebanese emigrant, from Brummana, Mount Lebanon.

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Katee Sackhoff

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Birth Name: Kathryn Ann Sackhoff

Place of Birth: Portland, Oregon, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 8, 1980

Ethnicity: Luxembourgian (maternal grandfather), Irish, English, German, 1/16 Syrian-Lebanese

Kate Sackhoff is an American actress.

Kate is the daughter of Mary Helene (Grommesh) and Dennis Erick Sackhoff. Kate’s father has German roots. Kate’s mother is of Luxembourgian, Irish, English, and Syrian-Lebanese descent.

Kate’s maternal grandfather was Leo Edward Grommesh (the son of Hubert Henry Grommesh and Katherine Dimmer). Hubert was the son of Luxembourgian parents, Johann E. Grommesh and Clara Wagner, who were from Grevenmacher and Mersch, Luxembourg. Katherine was also the daughter of Luxembourgian parents, Johannes Dimmer and Margaretha Pleim, who were from Echternach, Luxembourg.

Kate’s maternal grandmother was Annette/Annett Marie Robins (the daughter of Walter Cecil Robins and Marcella Eve Bennett). Walter was the son of Albert Robins, who was born in Beirut, Ottoman Empire (now Lebanon), and of Alice M. Healy/Healey, who was English. Marcella was the daughter of Joseph Victor Bennett, whose mother was Irish, and of Minnie Connors, whose father was Irish.

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Alexis Thorpe

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Birth Name: Alexis Ann Thorpe

Place of Birth: Newport Beach, Orange, California, United States

Date of Birth: April 19, 1980

Ethnicity: Syrian (maternal grandfather), English, possibly other

Alexis Thorpe is an American actress.

Alexis is the daughter of Michele Lyn (Halby) and Joseph A. “Joe” Thorpe.

Alexis’ maternal grandfather was Michael “Mike” Halby (the son of George Halby and Mary Nasser). George was born in Syria, to a mother surnamed “Saba”. Mary was also Syrian.

Alexis’ maternal grandmother was named Linda D.

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Geoff Johns

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Geoff Johns – PaleyFest 2013 Presents “Arrow” – Arrivals – Saban Theatre – Los Angeles, CA, USA –  Photo Credit: Courtney Vaudreuil / 

Birth Name: Geoffrey Marieb Johns

Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan, U.S;.

Date of Birth: January 25, 1973

*Syrian-Lebanese (father)

Geoff Johns is an American comic book and television writer, film producer, and television producer.

Geoff is the son of Barbara Lynn and Frederick Joseph “Fred” Johns. Geoff was raised in Grosse Pointe and Clarkston, Michigan. Among Geoff’s siblings is Courtney Johns, who perished in the TWA 800 plane crash in 1996.

Geoff has stated:

My dad is Lebanese. Detroit has the biggest Lebanese community outside of Lebanon. […] I’m half Lebanese, but a lot of my family, on my dad’s side, is full Arabic and they’ve had to deal with a lot of things, in the way of 9/11.

Geoff is married to colorist and inker Sonia Choi, with whom he has a child.

Geoff’s paternal grandfather was Frederick Anthony Johns (the son of Michael Johns and Eunice/Unice). Michael Johns was born Mikhail Hanna Marieb in Ottoman Syria (now Lebanon). Eunice was also born in Lebanon, under the name Aneesa Halal.

Geoff’s paternal grandmother was Rita Ann Nader (the daughter of John/Hanna Nader and Anna Karam). Rita was born in Canada, to parents from Hasroun, Ottoman Syria (now Lebanon). Hanna was the son of Nader Mikhail Nader and Mantura Awad.

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