Kip Thorne

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Kip Thorne – 28th Annual American Cinematheque Award Honoring Matthew McConaughey – Arrivals – The Beverly Hilton Hotel – Beverly Hills, CA, USA –  Photo Credit: Kazuki Hirata / /

Birth Name: Kip Stephen Thorne

Place of Birth: Logan, Utah, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 1, 1940

Ethnicity: Breton, Cornish, Dutch [including Frisian], English, French, German, Irish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Scottish, Welsh, 1/8 Danish, 1/8 Manx, 1/8 Swedish, small amount of Belgian [Flemish, Walloon], and Mohawk Native American

Kip Thorne is an American theoretical physicist. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2017.

His father, David Wynne Thorne, was a chemist, from Perry, Utah. His mother, Alison (Cornish), who was born in Chicago, Illinois, was an economist and the first woman to receive a Ph.D. in the discipline from Iowa State College.

Kip is married to professor of biokinesiology and physical therapy, Carolee Joyce Winstein. He has two children with his former wife, Linda Jean Peterson.

Kip’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his twelfth great-grandfather, Thomas Thorne, of North Molton, Devon, England.

Kip’s paternal grandfather was Milton Jefferson Thorne (the son of Richard Thorn and Rebecca Ann Osborn). Richard was the son of Asahel Thorn and Sarah Lester. Rebecca was the daughter of David Osborn and Cynthia Butler.

Kip’s paternal grandmother was Elmerta Eugenia Nelson (the daughter of Hans Peter Nielsen, later Nelson, and of Viroqua Vilate Neeley). Hans was a Danish emigrant, from Hårup, and was the son of Niels Hans Nielsen (later Nelson) and Ingeborg Sophia Hansdatter. Viroqua was the daughter of William Neeley and Helen Cravath.

Kip’s maternal grandfather was Newell Howland Cornish (the son of Robert Nephi Cornish and Emma Jane Howland). Robert was a Manx emigrant, from Onchan, and was the son of William Cornish and Elizabeth Keig. Emma was the daughter of Henry Howland and Martha Diana Case.

Kip’s maternal grandmother was Louise Larson (the daughter of Alof Larson and May Louise Hunt). Alof was the son of Swedish emigrants, Måns Larsson (later Mons Larson), of Skeglinge, Skåne, and of Elna Olsdotter Malmström, of Lund, Skåne. May was the daughter of John Hunt and Lois Barnes Pratt.

Kip’s matrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his fourteenth great-grandmother, Elizabeth (1474, Glastonbury, Somerset, England – 1549, Somerset).

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Robert Altman

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"Cookie's Fortune" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Birth Name: Robert Bernard Altman

Date of Birth: February 20, 1925

Place of Birth: Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.

Date of Death: November 20, 2006

Place of Death: West Hollywood, California, U.S.

*German, 1/4th Swiss-German (father)
*English, Scottish, Dutch, 1/512th Mowhawk Native American (mother)

Robert Altman was an American director, screenwriter, and producer.

Robert was the son of Helen (Matthews) and Bernard Clement Altman, a wealthy insurance salesman and amateur gambler. Robert was married to Kathryn Reed, until his death. He had a daughter with his first wife, LaVonne Elmer; two children with his second wife, Lotus Corelli; and three children with Kathryn.

Robert’s nephew (sister’s son) is film and television director, and actor Deran Sarafian.

On his father’s side, Robert was of German descent, including one quarter Swiss-German. On his mother’s side, Robert had English, as well as Scottish, Dutch, and 1/512th Mohawk Native American, ancestry.

One of Robert’s maternal eighth great-grandmothers, Ack-toch Caniachkoo, who was born c. 1613, was a Mohawk Native American, who married a Dutch immigrant, Pieter Adriaensen Van Woggelum. MMA fighter, actress, and model Gina Carano is also descended from the couple.

Robert’s paternal grandfather was Frank Gerhardt Altman/Altmann (the son of Clement Altmann and Wilhelmina Rolling/Roling). Frank was born in Illinois. Clement and Wilhelmina were German immigrants. Wilhelmina was the daughter of Johan Wilhelm Roling and Anna Catharina Kramer.

Robert’s paternal grandmother was Annette Matilda Bolt (the daughter of Benjamin Bolt and Mary Elizabeth Smith). Annette was born in Illinois. Benjamin was also German. Mary Elizabeth was Swiss.

Robert’s maternal grandfather was Elisha Matthews (the son of James Matthews and Ellen). Elisha was born in Illinois.

Robert’s maternal grandmother was Gatie/Kittie L. Strawn (the daughter of Jacob Strawn and Mary Jane Patterson). Gatie was born in Illinois. Jacob was the son of Jacob Strawn and Phoebe Emerson Gates. Mary Jane was the daughter of Franklin Patterson and Catherine Gest.

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Grace Potter

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19th Annual "A Night at Sardi's" - Arrivals

Birth Name: Grace Evelyn Potter

Place of Birth: Randolph, Vermont, United States

Date of Birth: June 20, 1983

Ethnicity: Dutch, English, French, Irish, German, Scots-Irish (Northern Irish), Scottish, Swiss-German, Welsh, as well as distant Belgian (Walloon), Cornish, Danish, Mohawk Native American, Norwegian, and Swedish

Grace Potter is an American musician and actress. She best known as the frontwoman of the American rock band Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.

Her father, Richard Lynn Potter, was born in Hartford, Connecticut. Her mother, Margaret Ellen (Sparks), was born in Summit, New Jersey.

Grace’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to her fourth great-grandfather, Nicolaus Pötter.

Grace’s paternal grandfather was Hobart Lee Potter, Jr. (the son of Hobart Lee Potter, Sr. and Lenna Lucille Robertson). Grace’s great-grandfather Hobart was the son of John H. Potter and English immigrant Jennie M. Studley, of Somerset. Lenna was the daughter of Charles George “Charley” Robertson and Mary Effie Garroutte.

Grace’s paternal grandmother was Elizabeth M. “Betty” Willsey (the daughter of Warren Gilbert Willsey and Charlotte Willcox). Warren was the son of Leon Julius Willsey and Alta Amelia Smith. Charlotte was the daughter of Lynn Dee Wilcox and May Velma Newell.

Grace’s maternal grandfather was Morgan Sparks (the son of Harry Lysinger Sparks and Sophia Pearl Morgan). Morgan was an American scientist and engineer, who helped develop the microwatt bipolar junction transistor in 1951, which was a critical step in making transistors usable for every-day electronics. Harry was the son John Ecker Naill Sparks and Anna Elizabeth Barber. Sophia was the daughter of Josiah Turner Morgan and Anna Eliza Alger.

Grace’s maternal grandmother was Rae Elizabeth “Bette” MacEvoy (the daughter of Warren Joseph MacEvoy and Nellie Rae Smith). Warren was the son of John Thadeus MacEvoy and Viola Adaline van Houten. Grace’s great-grandmother Nellie Rae was the daughter of James Davies Smith and Elizabeth Tonks.

Grace’s matrilineal ancestry can be traced back to her fourth great-grandmother, Sarah Botterill (c. 1802, Birmingham, England – November 6, 1866, Birmingham, England).

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Cassandra Lynn

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2006 Glamour Con 38

Birth Name: Cassandra Lynn Jensen

Date of Birth: August 15, 1979

Place of Birth: Ferron, Utah, United States

Date of Death: January 15, 2014

Place of Death: Los Angeles, California, United States

Ethnicity: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Irish, Scots-Irish (Northern Irish), and Scottish, as well as distant Belgian (Flemish), Cornish, Hungarian, Mohawk Native American, Norwegian, and Welsh

Cassandra Lynn was an American model. She was known for being the Playmate for the February 2006 issue of Playboy. She was married to Gary Hensley.

Her mother’s name is Roberta L. (Prettyman).

Cassandra’s maternal grandfather was Ronald Manford Prettyman (the son of Josephus Prettyman and Martha Alice Dieter). Josephus was the son of Burton Jackson Prettyman, and of English immigrant Florence Wigget, of Headless Cross, Redditch, Worcestershire. Martha was the daughter of Alvin Elwin Dieter and Julia Mariah Green.

Cassandra’s maternal grandmother was June Marshall (the daughter of James Brooks Marshall, Jr. and Dorothy Haycock). James was the son of James Brooks Marshall, Sr. and Leila Alta Hampson. Dorothy was the daughter of English immigrant Thomas William Haycock, of Nether Heyford, Northamptonshire, and of Phoebe Elizabeth Bellows.

Cassandra’s matrilineal ancestry can be traced back to her seventh great-grandmother, Sarah Harrold.

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Robbie Robertson

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"Shutter Island" New York Special Screening - Arrivals

Birth Name: Jaime Royal Klegerman

Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date of Birth: July 5, 1943

*Ashkenazi Jewish (father)
*Mohawk Native Canadian (mother)

Robbie Robertson is a Canadian singer, songwriter, musician, film composer, producer, actor, and author. He was the lead guitarist and primary songwriter of the rock band The Band. Other members of The Band included Rick Danko, Levon Helm, Garth Hudson, and Richard Manuel.

Robbie is the son of Rosemarie Myke (Chrysler) and Alexander David Klegerman. His father was Jewish. His mother was of Mohawk Native Canadian ancestry. He has said that “My mother was born and raised on the Six Nations Indian Reservation above Lake Erie. And my father was Jewish. How’s that for a combination?”

His father died when Robbie was a child. His mother later re-married a man named James Patrick Robertson, who Robbie took his surname from.


Obituary of Robbie’s mother –

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