Raquel Welch

Welch in 2010, DFree / Shutterstock.com

Birth Name: Jo Raquel Tejada

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 5, 1940

*Bolivian (father)
*English (mother)

Raquel Welch is an American actress and singer. Her films include Fantastic Voyage, One Million Years B.C., and Bedazzled (1967), among many others. Her father, Armando Carlos Tejada-Urquizo, was from La Paz, Bolivia, Her mother, Josephine Sarah (Hall), was born in Chicago, and had English ancestry.

She has two children, including model and actress Tahnee Welch, with her former husband, James Welch.

Raquel stated in an interview that her father made it a point that his family did not speak Spanish in the house, as a way to assimilate into the American society. She has stated that her goal in life is to speak Spanish more fluently.

Raquel’s paternal grandfather was named Agustin Tejada.

Raquel’s paternal grandmother was named Raquel Urquizo.

Raquel’s maternal grandfather was Emery Stanford Hall, an architect (the son of Justin Smith Hall and Sarah Mehitable Stanford/Standford). Emery was born in Illinois. Justin was the son of Elbridge Gerry Hall and Hannah Kent Robinson. Sarah was the daughter of Emery/Emory Stanford/Standford and Mary Lydia Elliot/Elliott.

Raquel’s maternal grandmother was Clara Louise/Louisa Adams (the daughter of Joseph Warren Adams and Josephine H. Merrill). Clara was born in Illinois. Joseph was the son of Elias Adams and Clarissa Vinton Thomas.

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Angantyr says:

    The fact that ”Hispania”, Latino, Hispanic etc. are from Roamnce language terms is irrelevant to any discussion here. Are you saying that the mestizo people and Indigenous but Spanish speaking people of Latin America shouldn’t be proud of their native cultures? The native people of Latin America have lived their thousands of years until evil savages, that were often unpopular in their own country (Conquistadors), came in search of gold, land and slaves. I see no great pride in the Spanish conquest of the Americas and the fact that Mexicans and Bolivians – mostly native rather than Spanish – speak Spanish is very sad and a sign of the evils of the Spanish Empire. Your support for the Latinization of the Americans is quite telling. You are pretty much defending a brutal and cruel empire and the theft of land and destruction of native culture.

    No I would not say that bullfights, hand fans etc. were from Mexico. How is that the same as stating that most people in Bolivian and Mexico are of primarily native descent?

    Also, you should study anthropology. The Native Americans look more ”Hispanic” (e.g. people from Bolivia, Mexico etc.) because Bolivians are mostly Native American (which means natives from North and South America) and are related groups. Mexicans are mostly mestizo (mixed Spanish and native) but more native, and Mestizos are also the second biggest group in Bolivia.

    Raquel Welch is an obvious Mestizo, she also looks more like her father, who looks Mestizo and I see little resemblance between her and Sophia Loren (though as we are all the same race, people can look like people in different ethnicities without looking like they belong in that ethnicity).

  2. Raquelish says:

    I understand what your saying, she clearly seems to know wheee her father comes from, I’m sure she would of mentioned her heritage if had any other ancestries….maybe it’s so small that she just doesn’t think to mention it.

    In her new book, she clearly stats that she has mediteranean blood from her father……if you were to compare her to Sophia Loren whos italian for example they both look very similar ..without looking identical ofcourse…..
    See her mom here, I think she resembles her look..see yourself..

    Also, why do people talk about “American Indians” (also a european term after the italian “Americo” Vespucci!!) as if they have a Hispanic look more than the spanish people….since when did native American Indian = Hispanic looking….how can a person of an American indian tribe or ancestry be proud and then call themselves Hispanic or latino….both names are only used to identify with spoken Latin European languages and influenced cultures derived by the spanish or portuguese peoples…..next you’ll be saying that bullfighting , the spanish hand fan, the cowboy and the Spanish language began in mexico……the American continant was hispanized by the Spanish not the other way around…Hispania = is the Latin name given to the (iberian peninsula) both spain and Portugal by the Romans, that’s where the name comes from.

  3. Angantyr says:

    It does not matter if she says her father is Spanish, she is a blatant Bolivian native (partially, I do not doubt that her father was part Spanish, even mostly Spanish) and should be proud of it. Bolivia is greatly Native American, and it is rare to find anyone who is not part native. I think it said that she is obviously native yet doesn’t mention it. Infact, you look at the demographics of say, Bolivia (about 90+% Native and Mestizo (mostly indigenous but partlywith Spanish etc.), or Mexico (similar to Bolivia, more are Meztizo than only Native American) and then you see the majority of US actors with ancestry from those countries and they all happen to be ”Mexcian/Bolivia/Honduran/etc. of Spanish descent”. It is BS.

    Raquel Welch is a Mestizo if ever I saw one and should be proud of it. Her native ancestors were here a lot longer than the Spanish.

  4. Bored says:

    I’m sorry but Raquel Welch does not look all European. If her father was of Spanish Castillian descent that would be Europe. She looks like she has some Native of the America’s blood, whether that be from North or South America. But since I read her father was from Bolivia I would guess South America. She looks more hispanic than white to me. There was an old time actress name Merle Oberon who claimed to be all European. Her looks also betrayed her. It was later found that her mother was a brown skinned Indian that she claimed was her maid. Of course back then being anything but white meant death to your career, so she had no choice. Today people would find it more intriguing. Now I am not claiming that Raquel is doing this, but people seem to hesitate claiming any other heritage except European. It’s as if it lessens your value.

    • luisferd says:

      Bored,you are using the term Hispanic as a race.All countries (and people)connected to Spain are Hispanic,in others words,Hispanic is a CULTURE NOT A RACE,a Hispanic can be of any race,including white,and one example of that,is the Mexican-Argentinian actress Alexis Bledel,it is about time Americans correct that misconception

    • marjanel says:

      It is very interesting that in Usa looking hispanic is looking indigenous when must be the contrary,if México is hispanic is forma the white side not indigenous.It is like saying that lookin Anglo is looking native American

  5. Raquelfan says:

    See the link,

    You can read it, listen and watch the video. Says she’s or spanish descent and mentions her mother was descded from English descent….there is a spanish interivew that also says she has an english grandmother..many books say irish but in many interviews she only says anglo etc…

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