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2013 Chanel Tribeca Film Festival Artists Dinner - Arrivals

Pitt in 2013, photo by PrPhotos

Birth Name: Michael Carmen Pitt

Place of Birth: West Orange, New Jersey, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 10, 1981

*75% British Isles [English and Irish]
*25% Italian

Michael Pitt is an American actor, model, and musician. He is known for his role in the film The Dreamers and the HBO series Boardwalk Empire.

Since people linked him to Brad Pitt, he thought to use his mother’s maiden name, DeMaio, when he first started out in the movie industry.

A picture of Michael with his parents can be seen here.

Michael’s paternal grandfather was Ralph Turner Pitt (the son of Edgar E. Pitt and Josephine Cora/Cord Wing). Ralph was born in New York. Edgar was the son of Alfred Pitt, who was born in Middlesex, England, and of Eliza Turner. Josephine was the daughter of Thomas Wing, who was born in the U.K., and of Sarah Jane Keyser.

Michael’s paternal grandmother was Elizabeth N. Nutter (the daughter of Frederick/Fred Lewis Nutter and Mabel Lucinda Bement). Elizabeth was born in Massachusetts. Frederick was the son of Joseph Sims/Simes Nutter and Emily Clark Carter. Mabel was the daughter of William Briggs Bement and Mary Sophia Towle.

Michael’s maternal grandfather was Anthony “Ted” DeMaio (the son of Anthony Demaio and Michellina/Madeline Deangelis). Michael’s grandfather Anthony was born in New Jersey, to Italian parents, from Montoro, Campania.

Michael’s maternal grandmother was Eleanor “Irish” Goin (the daughter of William Joseph Goin and Mary Margaret Welsh). Eleanor was born in New Jersey. William was born in New Jersey, the son of Edward Francis Goin, whose parents were Irish, and of Mary Buckley, who was born in Waterford, Ireland. Michael’s great-grandmother Mary Margaret was also born in New Jersey, the daughter of Thomas Francis Welsh, who was Irish, and of Kathryn A. Sturgiss/Sturges.

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  1. bablah says:

    Antonio and Michellina (Madeline) on a passenger record:

    They were from Montoro, Campania.

  2. bablah says:

    According to imdb, he has sisters Allison and Stacy.
    The only Michael Pitt in West Orange, NJ living with those people is this one:
    Clearly he was living with a woman named Carol and not Jane:

    There is a Carol Pitt nee Di Maio in New Jersey according to this obituary:

  3. andrew says:


    Micheal has described himself as “half Italian”, however it’s not clear what his maternal grandmother’s ancestry.

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