Hi all,

Please leave some suggestions below on how this site could be improved. Any ideas/criticisms are welcome.

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  1. Oaken05 says:

    Ugh, here we go again.

  2. andrew says:


    Can the nutcase be banned? She has made another account, “PabloSanchez the brunet Northern Spaniard but Nordic inside-Muricansrallmutts”…

    Thank you.

  3. Akwaba says:

    I think there should be an “Eurovision” tag, so many of the contestants have a profile here

  4. andrew says:


    Can @porkarella “comments” (@muricansareallmutts sock account) be deleted as well?

  5. jackson9 says:

    What does it mean that Muriansareallmutts was “deleted?” His comments or was he banned? The later seems a little harsh don’t you think?

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