Atoosa Rubenstein

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Rubenstein in 2004, photo by

Birth Name: Atoosa Behnegar

Place of Birth: Tehran, Iran

Date of Birth: 13 January, 1972

Ethnicity: Iranian

Atoosa Rubenstein is an Iranian-American magazine editor. She was the was editor-in-chief of Seventeen, founding editor of CosmoGirl, and has founded Big Momma Productions, Inc. and

She was born in Tehran, Iran. Her father, Mansoor Behnegar, was a colonel in the Iranian Air Force. The family moved to Flushing, Queens, New York City, U.S., when Atoosa was three years old, and later relocated to Malverne, Long Island.

Atoosa is married to businessperson Ari Rubenstein. She has three children.


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  1. jonasbttencourt says:

    Beautiful woman.

  2. lelo4 says:

    I love how Persian women are the first ones to remove the veil when they move to the WEST. They are beautiful as well!

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