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Birth Name: Cristin R. Milioti

Place of Birth: Cherry Hill, New Jersey, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 16, 1985

Ethnicity: Italian (paternal grandfather), Belgian, Czech, Irish, Scottish, English

Cristin Milioti is an American actress and singer. Her roles include the films The Wolf of Wall Street and Palm Springs, and the shows Black Mirror, Fargo, Made for Love, The Resort, and How I Met Your Mother.

She is the daughter of Catherine and Clark Milioti. Her father is of Italian [Sicilian and Calabrian] and Belgian ancestry. Her mother is of Czech, Irish, Scottish, and English descent. Milioti can be a Greek surname, but is Italian in this case.

Cristin’s paternal grandfather was Charles T. Milioti (the son of Vincenzo Milioti and Antonia Repaci). Charles was born in New Jersey, to Italian parents. Vincenzo was from Messina, Siciliy. Antonia was from Melito di Porto Salvo, Reggio di Calabria, Calabria.

Cirstin’s paternal grandmother was Florie Therasse (the daughter of Gustav Therasse and Emilie Jadin). Florie was Belgian, with Walloon roots.

Cristin’s maternal grandfather was John Patrick Kunik (the son of Emerick James Kunik/Kunick and Agnes Virginia Dillon). John was born in New Jersey. Emerick was born in Sztrazsa, Slovakia, the son of Stephanus Kunik and Anna Radoszky. Agnes was born in Pennsylvania, to Irish parents, Patrick Rutledge Dillon, from Westmeath, and Mary Grace, from Tipperary.

Cristin’s maternal grandmother was Marjory Jane/June McChesney (the daughter of Maitland Edison McChesney and May Walker). Marjory was born in Timmins, Cochrane District, Ontario, Canada. Maitland was the son of Samuel McChesney and Mary McInnis. May was born in England, the daughter of Frank Walker and Leona Weston.


Obituaries of Cristin’s maternal grandparents, John Patrick Kunik and Marjory Jane/June McChesney –

Cristin’s maternal grandfather, John Patrick Kunik, on the 1930 U.S. Census –

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  1. michaelthompson says:

    The users of this ethnic celebs site have to be the most anti-Italian on the internet. Why are people still like this?

  2. Yayoute says:

    Typical ITALIAN eyebrows and big eyes !

    • porkarella says:

      Typcal HISPANIC as yourself probably are, I live in Italy and she don’t looks like my fellow countrywomen.
      Stop to mix the fr!cking Hispanics to US, they/you haven’t nothing in common to us and to the rest of Europeans. You must accepted to be one of the many black races.

      • Yayoute says:

        Are you crazy? I’m NOT Hispanic or Black as you speculated. I’am actually half French half Italian living in Lyon, France and I studied in Rome, Italy.
        I was just telling that her eyes and eyebrows look Italian cause Italian women in my family have similar ones. That’s my opinion.
        What’s your problem, man?

        • porkarella says:

          I bet you’re a Moroccan/Tunisian/Algerian not a really half French/half Italian as you claim probably you have just the citizenships and you believe to be of both the nationalies just for this reason and you believe to be fully white and European -gosh! She has nothing of Italian I’m a native Italian living in Italy don’t tell me this bull—- can’t — up me no one in Italy can say she’s Italian she’s so exotic typically Hispanic partially distant Arab her face is typically of mixed to semitic not fully Euro, only the Southerns mixed to Arabs have this face zero of my own race.

  3. andrew says:

    *Melito -> Melito di Porto Salvo

    *Belgian (Walloon)

  4. fuzzybear44 says:

    she has some big eyes

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