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Birth Name: Anna Elizabeth Ryan Konkle

Place of Birth: Randolph, Orange, Vermont, United States

Date of Birth: April 7, 1987

Ethnicity: German, English, Irish

Anna Konkle is an American actress and screenwriter.

She has one child with her fiancé, actor Alex Anfanger.

Anna’s paternal grandfather was James Konkle (the son of James H. Konkle and Roxann/Rox Ann/Roxanne Huff). Anna’s grandfather James was born in New Jersey. Anna’s great-grandfather James was born in Pennsylvania, the son of Philip L. Konkle and Mary. Roxann was born in New Jersey, the daughter of Samuel Huff.

Anna’s paternal grandmother was Doris/Dorris C. Wunderle (the daughter of Frederick Valentine Wunderle and Hester G. “Hettie” Rodenbaugh). Doris was born in Pennsylvania. Frederick was born in Pennsylvania, the son of Philip Wunderle, who was German, and of Mary Smith, whose father was Irish. Anna has said, “…my great-great-grandfather, also a Wunderle, went from selling sweets from a street cart to having a large factory where candy corn was invented.” Hester was born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of Edwin L. Rodenbaugh and Catherine M. Greenwald, who were of German origin.

Anna’s maternal grandfather was named Maurice Ryan.

Anna’s maternal grandmother was Geraldine Wiley Parker (the daughter of Chauncy Paddock Parker and Bessie Merton Wiley). Geraldine was born in Massachusetts. Chauncy was born in Massachusetts, the son of Chauncy Paddock Parker and Martha Ann Clifford. Bessie was born in Massachusetts, the daughter of Elmer Harvey Wiley and Nettie Loring Pierce.

Source: Obituary of Anna’s father –

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