Bryan Dechart

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Birth Name: Bryan Patrick Dechart

Place of Birth: Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 17, 1987

Ethnicity: Scottish, German, English, Irish

Bryan Dechart is an American actor, voice actor, and Twitch streamer.

Bryan is married to actress Amelia Rose Blaire. He was raised in Novi, Michigan.

Bryan’s paternal grandfather was Lawrence/Lawrance Franklin Dechart (the son of Lawrence/Laurence Henry Dechart and Beulah B. Steele). Bryan’s great-grandfather Lawrence was the son of Henry Dechart/Deckert and Laura/Leona Alice Church. Beulah was born in either Missouri or Kansas, the daughter of Frank Steele and Anna Missouri Wilson.

Bryan’s paternal grandmother is named Cynthia “Cindy” Griffin. Cynthia was born in Utah.

Bryan’s maternal grandfather was Russell/Russel Herbert McOmber (the son of Herbert T. McOmber and Adelaide Gladys Lippitt). Russell was born in California. Bryan’s great-grandfather Herbert was born in California, the son of John T. McOmber and Clara May Faust. Adelaide was the daughter of Joseph Warren Lippitt and Lillian M. Wales, whose parents were English.

Bryan’s maternal grandmother is Mary Louise Routh (the daughter of Mark R. Routh and May Kruse). Mark was born in Kansas, the son of Jacob R. Routh and Charity Susan Maxen. May was born in North Dakota, the daughter of Ernest/Earnest G. Kruse, who was German, and of Elizabeth.

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