John Hawkes

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john hawkes

Birth Name: John Marvin Perkins

Place of Birth: Alexandria, Douglas, Minnesota, United States

Date of Birth: September 11, 1959

Ethnicity: Norwegian, Swedish, Irish, English, Danish

John Hawkes is an American actor.

His father’s ancestry was Swedish, Irish, and English. His mother’s ancestry was one half Norwegian, one quarter British Isles/English, and one quarter Danish.

John’s paternal grandfather was Floyd Lloyd Perkins, Sr. (the son of Marvin Isaac Perkins and Alda Charlotta Hanson). Floyd was born in Minnesota. John’s great-grandfather Marvin was the son of Randall/Raynal Perkins and Eleanor/Ellen Todd, who was Canadian. Alda was Swedish, and was born in Augboda, Emmabo, Vissefjärda, Kalmar, the daughter of Nels/Nils August Hanson and Vilhelmina/Wilhelmina Almquist.

John’s paternal grandmother was Claudia Muriel Fitzpatrick (the daughter of John Thomas Fitzpatrick and Myrtle Lucille Gaskill). Claudia was born in Minnesota. John’s great-grandfather John Fitzpatrick was born in Wisconsin, the son of Peter Fitzpatrick, who was Irish, and of Elizabeth O. Fallon, who was born in Pennsylvania, to Irish parents. Myrtle was the daughter of John L. Gaskill and Lucy Muriel Crumb.

John’s maternal grandfather was Ingwald Gustav Olson (the son of Thorvald/Torval Martinus Olson and Ingeborg Endresdatter “Emma” Smeland). Ingwald was born in Minnesota. Thorvald was Norwegian, and was likely born in Oslo, the son of Gustav Olson and Amelia. Ingeborg was born in Bergen, Norway, and was the daughter of Gulleck Smeland and Anna.

John’s maternal grandmother was Vera Marie Doud (the daughter of Charles Theodore Doud and Laura Kristine/Christine/Christina Hansen). Vera was born in Minnesota. Charles was the son of Andrew Jefferson Doud and Mary Louisa Vinton. Laura was born in Minnesota, to Danish parents, Hans Peter Hansen, from Sjelland, and Karen Kristine Larsen, from Biltris.

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