Cam Gigandet

05/31/2009 – Cam Gigandet – 18th Annual MTV Movie Awards – Arrivals – Gibson Amphitheatre – Universal City, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Bob Charlotte / PR Photos

Birth Name: Cam Joslin Gigandet

Place of Birth: Tacoma, Washington, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 16, 1982

Ethnicity: French, English, Finnish, German, Swedish, Dutch, Irish

Cam Gigandet is an American actor and model. He co-starred in the film Twilight and on the television series The O.C.

His sister, Kelsie Gigandet, is a celebrity hair stylist. He has three children with his fiancée, Dominique Geisendorff.

Cam’s paternal great-great-grandfather, Hubert/Herbert Amos Gigandet, was the son of French immigrants, Francis Vincent Gigandet and Mary Humbert.

Cam’s paternal grandfather was Herbert James Gigandet (the son of James Sylvestor Gigandet and Pearl Emily Bremm/Bremen). Herbert was born in Illinois. Cam’s great-grandfather James was the son of Hubert/Herbert Amos Gigandet and Clara Counts, and was of half French ancestry, along with English roots. Pearl’s parents, Peter Bremm and Dorette Wissel/Weisner, were of German descent.

Cam’s paternal grandmother is Eleanore Mae Ranta (the daughter of Onni Oscar Ranta and Edith Mildred Joslin). Eleanore was born in Pennsylvania. Onni was born in York, Ontario, Canada, to Finnish parents, John Ranta and Matilda Lindala. Edith’s father, John Carlos Joslin, had English ancestry. Edith’s mother, Myrtle Florence LaPearl Chilgren, was born to a Swedish father, Peter Chilgren, and an American-born mother, Anna/Angelica Vrooman, who had Dutch and English ancestry.

Cam’s maternal grandfather’s surname likely is Cochran.

Cam’s maternal grandmother likely is named Lilyan K.

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. celebfan says:

    If I’m not mistaken, his mother’s maiden name is Kimberly A. Cochran.

  2. NextHollywoodartistpredictedbypastor says:

    He totally looks like a lot! to Joakim Natterqvist and to Travis Fimmel!!!!

  3. andrew says:

    I dont think he’s just French. Cam is Cameron?

  4. Anonymous says:

    He is really good looking. That mix really worked out well for him.

    • Tina says:

      Its gotta be 100% the French side. The average “Anglo” is fugly, if you can even call them “Anglo”, they aren’t even 5% Anglo Saxons. Anyway, i can’t even find information about his supposed “Anglo” heritage. Seems to be people just guessing like they usualy do because the English were once the largest ancestry. Yeah that was in 1790 a time when the American population wasn’t even a quarter of what it is now.

      • Loos says:

        Tina = dumbest person alive

        You idiot this guy looks no different than the typical Anglo American. If the Anglos are “fugly” what would you make of this guy? who only passes in Northern France aka the most British looking portion of France.

        God you’re so dense, and please get out of here with that Anti British crap.

        The British are still the largest ancestry its just that most of them identify with “American” now.

        Britain has the same ratio of good looking to average looking people as any other country. How can a nation that has produced far more male & female models than France be full of uglies? Get your racist shit off this board.

        • caliste says:

          Models? why do models matter when THIS is what the average Brit looks like.

          Most of those models probably have foreign ancestry. Britain has a lot of Jews in entertainment and a lot of non Brits. Like that blonde guy who was in harry potter is swedish & german. David Gandy doesn’t even look ethnic Brit at all and would fit better in countries like France, Spain, or Italy

          Britain owes much of its good looking indivisuals to Norman, Roman, Norse invasions. The natives look mostly like those people above anyone whose been to Britain will say the same lol ugliest lot in Europe has down.

          • ashash says:

            What is your obsession with calling Brits ugly?

            David Gandy is British and not Italian, Spanish, nor French.

          • Tux says:

            Ashash you have no room to talk about Caliste a comment I found of yours on David Gandy.

            “Italians are short, dark, and hairy.”

            You are no different than Caliste. Not to mention your comment was just as racist and ignorant. All Caucasian people are hairy by the way. Caucasians are one of the hariest people in the world. It’s just that men in nations like Scandinavia or Britain are a lot more feministic and trim all of their hair off. Slavic Arab and latin men are still men for the most part. So it’s stupid of you to be insulting Italians for being hairy because unless you’re Black or East Asian you cannot cast a stone. Furthermore it’s funny how you’re getting upset with comments towards the British but people like you are guilty of doing the same thing to other people. Whenever you see someone who is Italian and fair or w/e you’ll say stupid crap like ‘oh they must be germanic descended’ but you seem to take issue with mediterranean people saying people who look clearly racially mediterranean (like Gandy does) look mediterranean. Likewise you go on their celebrities pages and troll them for being arab.

        • caliste says:

          There is no distinction between Northern/Southern France. France is not Italy. There is no South vs North. French in the South look about the same as in the North. Olivier Giroud is from the South and just as pink hued and light eyed as the Northern French are.

          • J.J. says:

            that’s not true at all, southern french do have darker features to northern french, obviously you will get exceptions just the same as you would in italy, i’ve met an italian from milan with brown eyes and dark hair and i’ve met an italian from sicily with amber eyes and chestnut hair.



            perhaps research evidence first before making an uneducated statement on something

          • liana says:

            I lived in France for many years and there is a distinction between northern and souther france and french people are as varied a “race” of people as you could possibly imagine.

          • Tux says:

            Not defending these post but JJ that map of blonde hair and blue eyes is based on nothing and it’s not accurate. I live in Britain. Britain is nowhere near as blonde as they’re portrayed on that map not even in the east and certainly not blonder than northern Germany. I want to know who came up with this map clearly they have not been to Britain.

          • Tux says:

            Southern french with blue eyes and blonde hair checking in. Darkness between northern and southern french is exaggerated just as darkness is exaggerated with Spain and Italy. Gernerally southern French look much like northern Italians who aren’t swarthy either. I can post universities from all over France south to north and the difference between the groups would not be as drastic as you would have us people believe about us. Infact someone has already done this for me. You can go to any of the anthropology sites to see what the average southern french looks like. Your map though baseless doesn’t even show the French to be lighter in the North on the countrary your map shows the French to be dark throughout France with the only exception being Britanny and central France. Celts were all over France, Gauls were all over France, Italic people were all over France as were Greeks. So Tina was right on that there is no great divide because all of France is equally diverse. You may get a few more mediterranean looking peoples in the south but those types can be found in every part of France in high numbers as can people who look like Giroud. We have been a nation of immigrants for several hundred years now. We are the most heterogeneous people in Europe.

        • ses101 says:

          I agree Loos, the anti-British rubbish on this site is at best moronic and at worst viciously bigotted. The most ignorant argument is “if they are good looking, they must have foreign blood” – EVERYONE has foreign blood, we all originated from the same place, it’s just that some our ancestors arrived in certain places quicker than others.

      • follers says:

        He is only 1/16th French, at least through the “Gigandet” line, at least if we assume his mother isn’t of French descent.

      • ses101 says:

        So Tina, if the average Anglo is “fugly”, what ethnicities aren’t? Most people would agree good looking Italians can be very good looking , but there are plenty of ugly looking Italians that bring their average down (no disrespect). Your comments smoke of full on Anglo-hatred.

  5. katie says:

    he is cute,what a nice smile.

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