Logic and his former wife Jessica Andrea – 2017 MTV Video Music Awards – Arrivals – The Forum Arena, 3900 W Manchester Boulevard – Inglewood, CA, USA – Photo Credit: / PRPhotos.com 

Birth Name: Sir Robert Bryson Hall II

Place of Birth: Rockville, Maryland, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 22, 1990

*African-American (father)
*European (mother)

Logic is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and author. He is also known as Psychological, Young Sinatra, and Bobby Tarantino.

His father, Sir Robert Bryson Hall, is African-American. His mother is white.

Logic is pictured with his father here.

Logic is married to clothing designer Brittney Noell, with whom he has a son.

Sources: http://www.hotnewhiphop.com

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  1. Andreus27 says:

    Some people state that his father is half white, which in my opinion seems to be an excuse to justify Logic’s caucasian look. Objectively, there’s no way that Hall Sr is half white. He’s darker than Quincy Jones who’s a bit more than a quarter white. I would, however, guess that Hall has around 19-25% white in him, so a bit more ethnically African than Quincy. That makes it logical for Logic to have a typically white eye color gene, as his mom most likely has light eyes as well (it’s impossible to see her eye color in the two pictures she is in due to how blurry it is).

    Quincy Jones III, Quincy Jones’ Swedish son, is roughly 31.25% Sub-Saharan African and 68.75% White European. He has blue eyes as well. Now, I have met people who are 50/50 black and white who could easily pass as darker British people, but most of the time they look more like their black parent. Or you know what, if I’m gonna be honest here, most “mulattos” as we are so disgustingly called have dark brown curly hair and dark brown eyes. But there’s really no rule as to how black or white we’ll look.

    If I were to guess Logic’s ethnicity, I’d say he’s roughly 36% Sub-Saharan African and 64% White European. In my opinion, he’s quite similar to Blake Griffin and Kris Humphries in that they have white traits but have a unique look that makes them look both white and black at the same time. I’ve seen too many people saying that Humphries’ dad is half black, which is evidently false. Humphries’ dad is one-quarter Irish because his grandmother was Irish, making his dad mostly black. And Humphries has green eyes, much like Logic.

    • AutisticApe says:

      Genes are kindve funny that way…

    • chillli says:

      I agree with most of what you said…however, using skin tone to gauge someone’s ethnic makeup is an incorrect way to view it. I don’t know how you can say “Objectively, there’s no way that Hall Sr is half white. He’s darker than Quincy Jones who’s a bit more than a quarter white.” This makes no sense…you can be a similar skin tone to Quincy Jones or darker, and still be half white.

  2. Jacklyn 224 says:

    Yes logic!that’s how I love my biracial/mixed men,fair and lovely.

    In short,his white.

  3. Mixed Kidd says:

    Any information about his mother’s ethnicity?

    • Kimmel says:

      I read about his ethnicity online and thought it was a joke, but I watched the video you posted (thanks!) and its all true.

      When I first saw him I thought he was an Arab.

      • Jacklyn 224 says:

        Geez racist much?a joke?Majority of mixed race people look like whichever gene was most dominant at that time.Sometimes genes are distributed evenly.This is why there needs to be more mixed race representation on TV,the level of ignorance is insane.Mixed race people come in all shades from dark to pale. There lots of mixed-white people out there,the thing is that you can’t spot them out cause they are white.Race is mostly a social contract.

        • alicemedina says:

          To be truly honest, I feel like we have enough mixed race/biracial representation in the media. Most of the biggest “black” figures in music and television tend to be Half white or damn near it. We’ve got Mariah, Alicia, Key & Peele, Logic, Drake, Rashida Jones, Wentworth, Zendaya, Tinashe and Doja Cat. I actually would prefer to see more black folks on tv and popular mono racial black female artists. I’m also mixed race saying this (Black Jamaican dad, Spanish/Irish/French-Canadian mom)

          • chillli says:

            I agree! These mixed people are becoming the new face of what is “black”.

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