SZA in 2016, photo by Debby Wong/

Birth Name: Solána Imani Rowe

Place of Birth: St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.

Date of Birth: November 8, 1989

Ethnicity: African-American

SZA is an American R&B singer and songwriter. She is also credited as Solána Rowe. She was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and later moved to Maplewood, New Jersey. Her father is Muslim and her mother is Christian, and she was raised Muslim. Her brother is rapper Manhattan.

SZA is short for “Sovereign Zig-Zag Allah” or “Savior Zig-Zag Allah.”

She has said that a DNA test also showed her to have Irish and Polynesian ancestry.


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  1. Mixed Kidd says:

    Correction: She tweeted she did a DNA test and she has some Irish and Polynesian ancestry.

    • Mixed Kidd says:

      Maybe that Polynesian part could mean she has some ancestors from Madagascar?

      • andrew says:

        She should post the whole DNA test to have a clear view about that. If she scored 0,1% Polynesian I would not pay much attention for it.

        • fuzzybear44 says:

          why not pay attention to it? I don’t know the amount she has, but even if it was .1%, that could just be the amount she may have inherited, someone else in her family may have gotten more. It’s still part of her bloodline

          • andrew says:

            No, it’ s called genetic noise.

          • fuzzybear44 says:

            Well we don’t agree, nothing new. However seeing that me and my sister both took DNA tests, with me receiving ,1% Senegal ancestry, while she got 4%. I found it a little hard to accept that it’s just genetic noise

  2. andrew says:

    She was 10 years old when 9/11 happened. Muslim girls starts wearing hijab (the ones who follow this custom) at 13-14 or even later, or never, there must be something wrong in the description

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