Kane Hodder

Kane Hodder

Hodder in 2010, photo by PrPhotos.com

Birth Name: Kane Warren Hodder

Place of Birth: Auburn, Placer, California, United States

Date of Birth: April 8, 1955

Ethnicity: Norwegian, English, German, Swedish

Kane Hodder is an American actor, stuntperson, and author. He is known for playing Jason Voorhees in a number of Friday the 13th films, as well as Victor Crowley in the Hatchet series, and for his many other horror/science fiction roles.

He is married to Susan, with whom he has two children.

Kane’s patrilineal line can be traced to Robert Hodder, who was born, c. 1740, in Over Compton, Dorset, England.

Kane’s paternal grandfather was Edwin Kitchner Hodder (the son of Edwin Albert Cole Hodder and Emily Gertrude Sutton). Kane’s grandfather Edwin was born in New York, to parents who were born in Yeovil, Somerset, England. Kane’s great-grandfather Edwin was the son of Alfred Hodder and Ellen Hyde. Emily was the daughter of James Sutton and Evelina Mitchell.

Kane’s paternal grandmother was Leila M. Oliver (the daughter of Arthur Elwood Oliver and Jennie California Fallis). Leila was born in Colorado. Arthur was the son of John Oliver and Nancy J. Lower/Williamson. Jennie was the daughter of David Monfort Fallis and Leanna/Leanne Thomas Weakley.

Kane’s maternal grandfather was Rasassmun/Rasmus Michael Nelson (the son of Gunder/Gudmund Christenson/Nilsen/Nelson Sylte and Kristine/Kristi Klemetson). Rasassmun was born in North Dakota, to Norwegian parents. Gunder was born in Hordaland, the son of Christen/Kristen Gunderson/Gundersen Sylte/Hanstad and Else Arnesdattter Bakke. Kane’s great-grandmother Kristine was born in Oppland, the daughter of Klemet/Clemet Johannesen/Johanneson/Jorgeson and Karen Ericksdatter/Eriksdatter.

Kane’s maternal grandmother was Ada Marie Matthias (the daughter of John Edward Matthias and Mary Margaret Schnose). Ada was born in Minnesota. John was born in Minnesota, the son of Charles Joseph Matthias, who was born in Roemisch, Bernkastel, Rheinland, Germany, and of Mary Ingri Stahlberg, who was Swedish. Kane’s great-grandmother Mary Margaret was the daughter of Theodore A. Schnose, whose parents were Prussian Germans, and of Elizabeth Warner/Werner, whose father was born in Germany.

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