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Birth Name: Alexandra Estella DeAnna Meneses

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 12, 1965

*Mexican (father)
*Ukrainian, possibly some Polish (mother)

Alex Meneses is an American actress and model.

Alex is the daughter of Miroslawa “Marilyn” (Tarandy) and Luis Manuel Meneses. Alex’s father was from Mexico City, Mexico. Alex’s mother was born in Illinois, U.S., to Eastern European parents, of Ukrainian, and possibly some Polish, descent.

Alex has stated:

I love to cook. I’m half Mexican, half Ukrainian, and I grew up on really heavy food. I like to make the food I grew up on, but healthy, without all the lard.

Alex’s maternal grandparents were Michael “Mike” Tarandy (the son of Nicholas Tarandy and Anastacia Kowalski) and Stella Kohutinska/Kohutynski/Kawecki. Michael and Stella were born in either Austria or Poland, of Ukrainian descent. Stella may have also been of part Polish ancestry.

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  1. madman says:

    Miraslava —> Miroslawa

    Michael Tarandy and Stella Kawecki —> Michael “Mike” Tarandy (the son of Nicholas Tarandy and Anastacia Kowalski) and Stella Kohutinska/Kohutynski.

    Michael’s and Stella’s birth places vary between Poland and Ukraine on these documents:

    The 1930 census says that Michael was born in Poland to Ukrainian parents, and that Stella was born in Poland to a Ukrainian father and a Polish mother… confusing.

    It also says that they both spoke Polish. Despite this, Alex’s uncle had his funderal in a Ukrainian Church. But considering their surnames (and the varying birth places), I think it’s likely that Alex’s mother is also part Polish, not only Ukrainian.

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