Evan Lowenstein and Jaron Lowenstein

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Evan and Jaron Lowenstein in 2004, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Evan Mitchell Lowenstein and Jaron David Lowenstein

Place of Birth: Tucker, Georgia, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 18, 1974

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Evan Lowenstein and Jaron Lowenstein are American singers. They are twin brothers, and were raised as Orthodox Jews. One of their siblings is an Orthodox rabbi.

Evan and Jaron’s parents are Leslie and Charles Lowenstein, who are both Ashkenazi Jews (their families were from Russia, Romania, and Ukraine). Evan has four children with his wife Kassini.

Evan and Jaron’s paternal grandfather was Irving Eric Lowenstein (the son of Herman Lowenstein and Anna Moskowitz). Irving was born in New Jersey. Herman was a Russian Jewish immigrant. Anna was born in New Jersey, to Russian Jewish parents.

Evan and Jaron’s paternal grandmother was Barbara Olga Goldenberg (the daughter of Louis Goldenberg and Elizabeth “Lizzie” Shapiro). Barbara was born in New York, to Romanian Jewish parents. Elizabeth was the daughter of Morris Shapiro and Jeanette Bricianer, who had family in Berdychiv, Ukraine.

Evan and Jaron’s maternal grandfather was Morris/Maurice Diamond (the son of Harry Lyon Diamont/Diamond and Adella Winestock). Morris was raised in Canada. Harry was a Jewish immigrant from Volyn, Ukraine. Adella was born in Oleksandriia, Sumska Oblast, Ukraine, to Jewish parents, Mayer Winestock and Liba Jarashevsky.

Evan and Jaron’s maternal grandmother was Mildred/Minnie Diamond (the daughter of Louis Diamond and Anna). Mildred was born in New Jersey, to a Romanian Jewish father and a Russian Jewish mother.

The brothers are related, by marriage, to actor Logan Lerman. One of the Lowensteins’ maternal great-grandmothers, born Adella Winestock, had a brother named Joseph Winestock. Joseph Winestock’s wife was Esther Freedman. Esther’s brother, born Louis Freedman, was one of Logan Lerman’s maternal great-grandfathers.

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Jaron Lowenstein in 2006, photo by Prphotos

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