John C. Reilly

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Birth Name: John Christopher Reilly

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 24, 1965

*50% Lithuanian
*37.5% Irish
*6.25% German
*3.125% French-Canadian
*3.125% Scottish

John C. Reilly is an American actor, comedian, writer, producer, and singer.

John’s father was of approximately three quarters Irish ancestry, with his other roots being one eighth German, one sixteenth French-Canadian, and one sixteenth Scottish. John’s mother was born in the U.S., to Lithuanian parents.

John is married to independent film producer Alison Dickey, with whom he has two children.

John’s paternal grandfather was Thomas J. Reilly (the son of John Reilly and Anne/Annie Prendergast). Thomas was born in Illinois, to Irish parents. John’s great-grandfather John Reilly was the son of Thomas Reilly and Sarah Young. Anne was the daughter of Patrick T. Prendergast and Ellen King.

John’s paternal grandmother was Cecilia/Celia McLean/MacLean (the daughter of Frank Oscar McClean and Catherine/Katherine Fleming/Flemming). Cecilia was born in Illinois. Frank was the son of Alexander John McClean, who was of Scottish and French-Canadian descent, and of Emma S. Hefter, who was born in Illinois, to German parents. Catherine was the daughter of James Fleming, and was almost certainly of Irish origin.

John’s maternal grandfather was named Clemens/Klemens Petronis. Clemens was Lithuanian, and was born in Kaunas.

John’s maternal grandmother was Veronica/Veronika Strelciunas/Steroncuso (the daughter of Kasmicrz Strelciunas and Ursula Dalenkiewicz/Dalenikiewicz). Veronica was Lithuanian.

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