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Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting - Press Conference - September 27, 2007

Tony Blair in 2007, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Anthony Charles Lynton Blair

Place of Birth: Edinburgh, Scotland

Date of Birth: 6 May, 1953

Ethnicity: English, Scottish, Northern Irish, distant Manx/Isle of Man

Tony Blair is a British politician. A member of the Labour Party, he served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, from 2 May, 1997 to 27 June, 2007. He was also a Member of Parliament for Sedgefield, from 9 June, 1983 to 27 June, 2007, Leader of the Labour Party, from 21 July, 1994 to 24 June, 2007, and Leader of the Opposition, from 21 July, 1994 to 2 May, 1997, among other duties.

Prime Minister Blair is the son of Hazel Elizabeth Rosaleen (Corscadden) and Leo Blair (Leo Charles Lynton Blair), a barrister and law lecturer. Leo Blair was born Charles Leonard Augustus Parsons in Filey, Yorkshire, England, the son of English traveling entertainers, and was adopted by Mary and James Blair, of Glasgow, Scotland, where Leo was raised. Hazel was born in Ballyshannon, County Donegal, Ireland, of Scottish and Ulster-Scots ancestry. Prime Minister Blair’s brother is Sir William Blair, a High Court judge.

Prime Minister Blair is married to barrister and lecturer Cherie Blair, with whom he has four children.

Prime Minister Blair was formally an Anglican while in office. After leaving office, he joined the Roman Catholic church, his wife’s faith.

Prime Minister Blair’s biological paternal grandfather was Charles Parsons (also known as Jimmy Lynton, the son of Tom Parsons and Mary Anne Wright). Charles was English, and was born in Stockwell, Surrey, England. Tom was the son of Mark Parsons. Mary Anne was the daughter of William Wright and Sophia.

Prime Minister Blair’s biological paternal grandmother was Mary Augusta Ridgway Bridson (also known as Celia Ridgway, the daughter of Augustus William Bridson and Maria Emily Montford). Mary was English, and was born in Hidcote Bartrim, Gloucestershire, England. Augustus was the son of Thomas Ridgeway/Ridgway Bridson and Mary Smith. Maria Emily was the daughter of William Henry Montford and Margaret Charlotte Flint.

Prime Minister Blair’s maternal grandfather was George Corscadden (the son of Thomas Corscaden and Martha Johnstone). George was from Glasgow, Scotland. Thomas was the son of James Corscadden. Martha was the daughter of Thomas Johnstone.

Prime Minister Blair’s maternal grandmother was Sarah Margaret Lipsett (the daughter of James Lipsett and Mary Patterson). Sarah was born in Ballyshannon, County Donegal, Ireland, and had Ulster-Scots and Scottish ancestry. James was the son of Robert Lipsett. Mary was the daughter of William Patterson.

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