Skip Marley

Birth Name: Skip Marley Minto

Place of Birth: Kingston, Jamaica

Date of Birth: 4 June, 1996

Ethnicity: Jamaican [African, some English]

Skip Marley is a Jamaican-born American singer and songwriter.

Skip was born in Kingston, and is the son of singer, dancer, fashion designer, actress, and entrepreneur Cedella Anita Marley and David “Dave” Minto, and a grandson of reggae singer and songwriter Bob Marley. Skip was raised in Miami, Florida. He is a nephew of singer, songwriter, and musician Ziggy Marley, and a half-nephew of entrepreneur and professional football player Rohan Marley and reggae artist Damian Marley. He is a cousin of musicians Bambaata Marley and Jo Mersa Marley, and a half-cousin of model and singer Selah Marley and singer and songwriter YG Marley. His great-aunt, paternal grandmother’s sister, was singer Marcia Griffiths.

Skip’s paternal grandfather was Errol G. Minto (who likely was the son of Elon Lemuel Minto and Icibell/Isabell Lawrence). Elon was the son of Jonathan Minto and Catherine Myrie. Icibell was the daughter of Josiah Lawrence.

Skip’s paternal grandmother was named Norma F. Griffiths.

Skip’s maternal grandfather was Robert Nesta Marley (the son of Norval Sinclair Marley and Cedella Editha Malcolm). Bob was born in Nine Mile, Saint Ann, Jamaica. Norval was born in Jamaica, and was the son of Albert Thomas Marley, who was English, and of Ellen Ann Bloomfield. Cedella was black, and was the daughter of Omeriah/Amariah Malcolm and Alberta/Albertha Willoughby/Whilby.

Skip’s maternal grandmother was singer Rita Marley (born Alpharita Constantia Anderson, the daughter of Leroy Anderson and Cynthia “Beda” Jarrett). Rita was born in Cuba, to black Jamaican parents.

There are claims on the internet that Bob Marley had some kind of Jewish ancestry, sometimes cited as Syrian Jewish, through his father, or, sometimes, his mother. There is no documented evidence that Bob had Jewish ancestry. The Bloomfield family line from which Bob descended, a famous family in Jamaica, is sometimes cited as having been originally Jewish; this is almost certainly false.

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