Rich Sommer

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Birth Name: Richard Olen Sommer, II

Place of Birth: Toledo, Ohio, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 2, 1978

Ethnicity: German, English, Irish, some French and Dutch

Rich Sommer is an American actor.

He was raised in Stillwater, Minnesota. He is married to Virginia Donohoe, with whom he has two children.

Rich’s paternal grandfather was John F. Sommer (the son of James Charles Sommer and Ellen/Nellie Harriet Dick). John was born in Ohio. James was the son of John Sommer and Annabelle Wheeler. Ellen was the daughter of John Wesley Dick and Lorinda Evaline Bailey.

Rich’s paternal grandmother was June J. Rumfield (the daughter of Olen Morris Rumfield and Harriet/Harrett Kaiser Belle Davidson). June was born in Ohio.

Rich’s maternal grandfather was John D. Huffman (the son of Luther Guss Langdon Huffman and Leona Hayes). John was born in North Carolina, and had English, Irish, and German ancestry, the latter with roots in Rhineland-Palatinate, Bavaria, and Hesse, Germany, as well as in Alsace, France. Luther was the son of Jefferson Monroe Huffman and Frances Eva Hunt. Leona was the daughter of Thomas E. Hayes and Elizabeth Partin/Pardan/Parton.

Rich’s maternal grandmother was Joy Caroline Mack (the daughter of Arthur Frank Mack and Edith Pauline Rizer). Joy was born in Ohio. Arthur was born in Ohio, the son of Johannes Maack/John Mack and Emma Eva Fredrike Wilhelm, who were from Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Edith was born in Ohio, the daughter of Charles Clement Rizer and Nina Bird Baker. She was of English, Irish, and German, as well as some French, and Dutch, descent. Two of her ancestors were Laurens Jansen de Camp, who was born, c. 1645, in Picardy, France, and his wife Altje Elsie Mandeville, who was born, c. 1649, in the Netherlands.

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