Justin Long

2013 Tribeca Film Festival - "A Case of You" - Arrivals

Long in 2013, photo by PrPhotos

Birth Name: Justin J. Long

Place of Birth: Fairfield, Connecticut, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 2, 1978

*37.5% German
*37.5% Italian/Sicilian
*25% Polish

Justin Long is an American actor, comedian, director, and screenwriter. His roles include the films Galaxy Quest, Happy Campers, Jeepers Creepers, Crossroads, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Herbie: Fully Loaded, Waiting…, The Sasquatch Gang, Dreamland, The Break-Up, Accepted, Idiocracy, Live Free or Die Hard, Strange Wilderness, He’s Just Not That Into You, Drag Me to Hell, Taking Chances, Serious Moonlight, After.Life, Youth in Revolt, Going the Distance, The Conspirator, 10 Years, For a Good Time, Call…, Best Man Down, Movie 43, A Case of You, which he also co-wrote; Tusk, The Lookalike, Frank & Lola, Lavender, And Then I Go, Literally, Right Before Aaron; After Class, The Wave, Lady of the Manor, which he also co-wrote and co-directed with his brother Christian Long; House of Darkness, Barbarian, and Christmas with the Campbells; in voice-over, the Alvin and the Chipmunks movies, as Alvin, Planet 51, Alpha and Omega, and Walking with Dinosaurs; and television’s Ed, F Is for Family, and Creepshow.

He is the son of Wendy Lesniak, an actress, and R. James Long (Raymond James Long), a professor of philosophy and Latin. His brother, Damian Long, is an actor, and theatre teacher and director. He is married to actress Kate Bosworth.

His family’s surname was spelled Lang several generations back. His father is of three quarters German and one quarter Italian/Sicilian descent. His mother is of one half Polish and one half Italian/Sicilian ancestry.

Justin’s patrilineal line can be traced to his German great-great-great-grandparents, Valentine J. Long, who was born, c. 1829, and Marguerite/Mary Frankenberger, who was born, c. 1828, in Miltenberg, and to Valentine’s parents, Justin’s great-great-great-great-grandparents Valentine Lang and Caecilia/Cecilia/Coecilia Karcher.

Justin’s paternal grandfather was Raymond J. Long, Jr. (the son of Raymond Jacob Long and Theresa Frances Holzschuh/Holzschuk). Justin’s grandfather Raymond was born in New York. Justin’s great-grandfather Raymond was born in New York, the son of Jacob C. Long and Josephine Brichler, who were of German descent. Theresa was born in New York, and was the daughter of Joseph Holzschuh/Holzschuk, who was born in Muckenthal, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, and of Anna Catherine Mattern, whose parents were German.

Justin’s paternal grandmother was Lorraine Concetta Iuppa (the daughter of Louis Pietro Iuppa and Catherine/Katherine F. Hoffend). Lorraine was born in New York. Louis was born in New York, to Italian parents, Luigi/Louis La Iuppa, from Geraci Siculo, Palermo, Sicily, and Concetta “Jennie” Spallina, who was also of Sicilian origin. Catherine was born in New York, the daughter of Nicholas Hoffend, who was born in Koblenz, Germany, and of Julia T. Herbst, whose parents were from Hessen, Germany.

Justin’s maternal grandfather was William J. Lesniak (the son of William Wozciech Lesniak and Anna Niziolek/Nizcolek). Justin’s grandfather William was born in New York, to Polish parents, with his father being from Galicia.

Justin’s maternal grandmother is Josephine Fasnelli/Fainelli (the daughter of Lorenzo/Laurence Fasnelli/Fainelli and Francesca Bozza). Josephine was born in New York, to Italian/Sicilian parents. Lorenzo was the son of Giuseppe/Joseph Fainelli and Marie/Maria S. Chickiani/Chichiom. Francesca was the daughter of Domenic Bozza and Rose Crancelli.

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  1. jonasbsjr says:

    What a coincidence, i just finished watching Accepted yesterday. Fun comedy, he is not particularly great in it, but the movie itself is good, especially thanks to Jonah Hill

  2. Mr. Postman says:

    He told a funny story on the old Conan O’Brien show about how he’s often mistaken for Asian. Once, the FBI busted down his door because they thought he was the fugitive they were looking for. When they realized he was the wrong person, they showed him a picture of the fugitive. He said the guy was “150% Asian”.

    • jonasbsjr says:

      What? No, he absolutely does not look asian, if we are talking about east and southeast asians. He can look a bit central asian and/or from the caucasus region, depending on the angle. But asian like japanese, chinese, korea, or from those islands on southeast Asia? No, hell no.

  3. madman says:

    Born: Justin Jacob Long

    He is the son of Wendy (Lesniak), an actress, and Raymond James Long, a professor of philosopy.

    From his father’s Wikipedia:
    “Of German and Sicilian ancestry…”

    It is probably safe to say that it is the paternal grandmother who was Sicilian.

  4. Adrian1Cram says:

    He even looks long.

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