Jeff Goldblum

Goldblum in 2010, Joe Seer /

Birth Name: Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum

Place of Birth: West Homestead, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 22, 1952

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Jeff Goldblum is an American actor. He has starred in the films The Fly, Deep Cover, Jurassic Park, and Independence Day, among many others.

Jeff is the son of Shirley Jane (Temeles) and Harold Leonard Goldblum. Jeff’s family is Jewish, and emigrated from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Austria. He was Bar Mitzvah in an Orthodox synagogue in Pittsburgh. In 2012, an article stated that Jeff is a follower of “Eastern religions.”

Jeff is married to Canadian dancer, aerialist, and contortionist Emilie Livingston, with whom he has two children.

Jeff’s paternal grandfather was named Josef Povartzik/Joseph Goldblum (the son of Zelik/Zelig Povartzik and Pessia). Josef was a Jewish emigrant, from Tinkowitz, Minsk, with family in Starobin, in the Russian Empire. Zelik was the son of Morris Povartzik.

Jeff’s paternal grandmother was Lillian M. “Lillie” Leventon (the daughter of Harry Leventon and Sarah Lewis Hytovitz). Lillian was born in Pennsylvania, to Russian Jewish parents. Sarah was the daughter of Isaac Lewis.

Jeff’s maternal grandfather was Samuel Louis/Leo “Sam” Temeles (the son of Abraham Temeles and Beille/Bella/Belle/Beila Shapiro). Samuel was a Jewish emigrant, from Zloczow/Zolochiv, then in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, now in Ukraine. Abraham was the son of Joel Temeles. Beila was the daughter of Szaja Shapiro and Ryfki.

Jeff’s maternal grandmother was Anna/Ann G. Katz (the daughter of Aaron Zelig Katz and Cecelia Katz). Anna was born in Pennsylvania, to Austrian Jewish parents. Aaron was the son of Jacob Katz. Cecelia was the daughter of Reuven Katz.

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Curious about ethnicity

22 Responses

  1. Yeravam says:

    Ashkenazi Jews are from Israel. They are Levantines who were exiled into Europe. That’s why Jeff Goldblum looks Middle Eastern. Because he is.

  2. Ronnie Sibak says:

    he look egyptian to me

  3. Ardor says:

    Ashkenazi Jewish? Are you telling me that he has Eastern European roots?

    Try Mizrahi or Sephardic Jewish.

    • BarTankhoum says:

      Ashkenazi Jews descend from Jewish communities who settled in Eastern and Central Europe a few centuries ago. Before that, these communities lived in different Mediterranean countries (especially Italy; they just had to cross the Alps to get to Central Europe), and before that, they lived in other countries, and so on. You know the whole Jewish diaspora thing.

      Sephardic Jews: David Mazouz, David Guetta, André Azoulay (advisor of King of Morrocco), Michel Boujenah, Alain Chabat, Agnès Jaoui, Avi Mograbi, the list is too long, I’m gonna stop here. Though he is Mizrahi and not Sephardic, I could add Bob Yari to this list.

      Now, Ashkenazi Jews: Ilana Glazer, Jenny Slate, Israel Finkelstein, Abraham Reles, Aly Raismann, Gabor Maté, Michaela Watkins, again the list is too long.

    • Yeravam says:

      Ashkenazi Jews are indigenous to the Levant. They’re not East Europeans. They lived in Eastern Europe because they were exiled there.

      That’s why Jeff Goldblum looks the way he does. And Oded Fehr. And Idan Raichel. And Sacha Baron Cohen. And Ilana Glazer. And Amir Arison. And countless other Ashkenazi Jews who look very obviously Middle Eastern (because they are).

  4. Dildo (SE) says:

    Looks and personality.

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