Devon Aoki

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Birth Name: Devon Edwenna Aoki

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 10, 1982

*50% Japanese
*37.5% English
*12.5% German

Devon Aoki is an American actress and model. She appeared in the films Frank Miller’s Sin City and DOA: Dead or Alive, among others.

Her father, Hiroaki “Rocky” Aoki, a wrestler and restaurateur, was Japanese (born in Tokyo). He founded the Benihana chain. Her mother, Pamela Hilburger, a painter and jewelry designer, has English and German ancestry. Devon is married to James Bailey, with whom she has three children. Her daughter Alessandra has also modeled.

Devon is known in the U.S., but has also gained fame in Japan. Her half-brother, Steve Aoki, is a DJ in the L.A. club scene.

Devon’s paternal grandfather was named Yunosuke Aoki.

Devon’s paternal grandmother was named Katsu Aoki.

Devon’s maternal grandfather was Edwin K./Richard Hilburger (the son of Leo Alois Hilburger and Margaret Lillian Jones). Edwin was born in New York. Leo was born in New York, the son of German parents, Michael Hilburger/Hillberger, from Bavaria, and Franziska/Frances Eisenmann/Iceman/Terland, who was from Alsace-Lorraine. Margaret was English, the daughter of John Jones and Sarah Dolman/Wolman Shaw.

Devon’s maternal grandmother was named Rosa Doris Mumford. It appears that Rosa was from England. Devon’s maternal grandparents married in England.

Sources: Devon’s maternal grandfather, Edwin K./Richard Hilburger, on the 1920 U.S. Census –

Obituary of Devon’s maternal grandmother, Rosa Doris (Mumford) Hilburger –


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