Javier Milei

Birth Name: Javier Gerardo Milei

Place of Birth: Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Date of Birth: 22 October, 1970

Ethnicity: Argentinian [Italian, possibly one quarter Dalmatian/Croatian]

Javier Milei is an Argentine politician, economist, and author. He has been President of Argentina, since 10 December, 2023. He was previously a National Deputy, from 10 December, 2021 to 10 December, 2023. He has written books, hosted radio programs, and taught university courses in mathematics, macroeconomics/microeconomics, and economic growth. He is a supporter of laissez-faire capitalism, specifically “minarchism” and “anarcho-capitalism.” He is also known for his distinctive public personality.

President Milei is the son of Alicia Lujan Lucich and Norberto Horacio Milei, a bus driver. The family’s original name was Mileo. His sister, Karina Milei, is a politician, who has been General Secretary of the Presidency of the Argentine Nation, since 10 December, 2023.

President Milei’s paternal grandfather possibly was Francesco/Francisco Mileo/Milei (the son of Antonio Mileo and Achiropita Maria Grillo). Francesco was born in Rossano, Cosenza, Calabria, Italy. Antonio was the son of Genaro Fortunato Mileo and Luisa Mancuso. Achiropita was the daughter of Luigi Grillo and Filomena Riso.

President Milei’s paternal grandmother possibly was named Filomena Amalia Caffaro.

President Milei’s maternal grandmother was named Elia. Elia’s parents were Italian.

Sources: https://www.airedesantafe.com.ar

Genealogy of Javier Milei – https://www.geni.com

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  1. Manila says:

    He sworn in as President of Argentina today.

  2. genealogyamateur says:

    CONFIRMED Through Family search, I found out Milei’s Paternal grandparents are Juan Victorio Milei and Maria Luisa Farina https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person/family/GG8Y-NK1
    Milei has said the original surname of the family is Mileo

  3. andrew says:

    Son of Norberto Horacio Milei and Alicia Lujan Lucich.

    His maternal grandmother was named Elia and was the daughter of Italian parents: https://www.airedesantafe.com.ar/espectaculos/el-fuerte-vinculo-javier-milei-sus-abuelos-y-su-deseo-mas-preciado-si-pudiera-n507833

    “Lucich” (various spellings) is a Dalmatian family from present-day Croatia. Journalist/tv host Rodrigo Lussich has claimed to be a relative of him.

    “Milei” has two branches: Italy and Hungary. There are not many Hungarians in Argentina, though.

    • andrew says:

      Lujan may indicate Spanish ancestry.

    • ethnogenesis says:

      The “other” could be Balkans Jewish, many news sources reported that Javier Milei officially converted to Judaism (not sure which branch of the religion), and his theorized Italian, Croatian and Hungarian could trace his family tree to a city like Trieste on the Italian-Slovenian border (former Yugoslavia).

      • andrew says:


        His likely Dalmatian ancestors are from an island named Brac/Brazza and have the Slavic surname alongside Italian first names on Geni.com.
        I guess you meant they sailed from Trieste (largest Adriatic port) to South America, but were 99,9% Catholic.

      • andrew says:

        Btw Trieste is an Italian town though there is a Slovene and also a noted Jewish community.

        He is another case of “Croatian” descendant in New World, a country that did not exist until 30 years ago.

        Mind what Chilean President (Mr.Boric) said:

        “Mi familia viene de Dalmacia, el lado italiano de Croacia. A mi abuela le digo Nona”. (My family comes from Dalmatia, the Italian side of Croatia. I call my grandmother “nona” -> from nonna, Italian for grandmother.

        If Croatians are happy to claim such people as their ones, leave them alone.

        • andrew says:

          Nobody wrote “big”.

          Perché sei una capra, Svevo e Saba si studiano a scuola (non so nel programma di sostegno che facevi te), anche se non trattano di ebraismo..

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