Tori Kelly

48th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards - Arrivals

Kelly in 2013, photo by PrPhotos

Birth Name: Victoria Loren Kelly

Place of Birth: Wildomar, Riverside, California, United States

Date of Birth: December 14, 1992

*father – Puerto Rican, African-Jamaican
*mother – Irish, German

Tori Kelly is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and record producer.

Tori is the daughter of Laura Denise and Allwyn Earl Delano Kelly II. She is married to professional basketball player André Murillo.

She stated on her Twitter account that she is “Jamaican, Puerto Rican, Irish, & German.” In and interview on Z90 with Tre, she stated “My dad is Jamaican/Puerto Rican and my mum is Irish and German.” She has also said that she loves to learn about different cultures, and has been to Puerto Rico and Ireland, but still has not been to Jamaica and Germany.

Tori’s paternal grandfather is named Allwyn E. Kelly.

Tori’s paternal grandmother is named Elsie Diaz.

Tori’s maternal grandfather is named James C. Richards.

Tori’s maternal grandmother is named Priscilla Holman.


Divorce record of Tori’s paternal grandparents, Allwyn E. Kelly and Elsie Diaz –

Divorce record of Tori’s maternal grandparents, James C. Richards and Priscilla Holman –

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  1. bablah says:

    Her father’s birth record:
    His full name is Allwyn Earl Delano Kelly II.

    I think this is her grandparents divorce record:

    Her mother’s birth record:
    Her full name is Laura Denise Richards.

    Possibly her grandparents’ divorce record:

  2. ArnyDiaz says:

    Puerto rican and Jamaican aren’t a ethnic…when will you learn?

  3. midori29 says:

    I do notice that being admixed with Irish tends to lighten up people alot. Alot of Irish are super pale and lack melanin ie. Lots of redheads not counting the “black Irish” . Compared to other white Europeans the Irish tend to be very white. So mixtures with Irish come out very white looking. Mariah Careys mom is Irish too. But then many black Jamaicans have Irish admixture too. There is an Irish town in Jamaica and they had Irish slavery in the Carribean. I would give this girl about 25 to 30%black subsaharan admixture.

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