Halsey at the MTV Movie And TV Awards held at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, USA on June 16, 2018. Photo by Starfrenzy/bigstock.com

Birth Name: Ashley Nicolette Frangipane

Place of Birth: Edison, New Jersey, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 29, 1994

*father – African-American, small amount of Irish
*mother – Italian, Hungarian

Halsey is an American singer, songwriter, and activist. She is also known by her given name Ashley Frangipane.

Halsey is the daughter of Nicole and Chris Frangipane.

She is biracial. She has said:

my dad is black and a little Irish and my mom is Italian and Hungarian!

A picture of Halsey with her maternal grandmother can be seen here.

Halsey’s maternal grandfather is named Richard Jacobs.

Halsey’s maternal grandmother is Annette Canace (the daughter of Vito Canace and Josephine Fortunata Minervino). Vito was born in New Jersey, the son of Dominick/Domenico Canace and Maria Canace. Josephine was the daughter of Charles Minervino and Antoinette Barras.

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Halsey in 2015, photo by Prphotos

68 Responses

  1. andrew says:

    It should be added “likely Italian” on her father’s side.

  2. andrew says:

    So what’s goin’ on here?

    • comrade says:

      Her dad is most likely adopted. Not sure though as Halsey never mentioned it. We’ll just have to wait and see if she ever talks about it.

      James Frangipane and Theresa married in 1967 (both then aged 18) and had Chris (their first child?) in 1973 six years later. They had another child, Matt Frangipane, in 1984 but Matt is white and Chris is mixed race/black. Is Matt adopted or is Chris adopted or are they both adopted? Both Chris and Matt have the surname Frangipane and (from what I know) there’s no divorce record of James Frangipane and Theresa Thorley.

  3. andrew says:

    The text says maternal grandmother twice atm.

    Question: if her father has African-American ancestry, why does he have an Italian surname? Weird.

  4. Multiethnicchick says:

    Americans are so ignorant. If a mixed race man has a child with a white woman, they create kids that look like Halsey of Rashida Jones. As in mostly white women. Same with Eartha Kitt’s daughter. If you people would recognize mixed race people there would be no “uh duh, why does she look white”. Because she mostly is white!

    • SMHD says:

      I agree. People don’t really pay attention to genetics. It can skip generations and the color combos and textures with hair, eyes, skin etc can be a mixed bag if there’s mixed ancestry, but more times than not, if you have a mixed black and white person that gets with a White person, their kids will be majority white and most of the time take on euro features. Not always, but most of the time. Look at Drake’s kid for example or any other one the same as him. Not only white passing, but very white. Same as if a mixed race black and White person gets with a black person. Kids will be mostly black and a lot of the time takes on black features. NOT ALWAYS, but tends to lean that way. Genetics is a cool thing, and anything can happen, but people should not be surprised at all the outcomes.

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