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69th Annual Cannes Film Festival - "The Dancer" ("La Danseuse") Photocall

Depp in 2016, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Lily-Rose Melody Depp

Place of Birth: Paris, France

Date of Birth: May 27, 1999

Ethnicity: French, English, along with smaller amounts of Irish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Scottish, Welsh, French-Canadian, Dutch, Flemish Belgian, German, 1/128th Italian, as well as 3/4096 African

Lily-Rose Depp is a French-American actress and model. She is the daughter of American actor Johnny Depp and French singer and actress Vanessa Paradis. Lily-Rose has dual citzenship with the United States and France. Her father is from Owensboro, Kentucky. Her mother is from Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, Val-de-Marne, France.

Much of more Lily-Rose’s father’s ancestry traces back to England. He also has smaller amounts (to varying degrees) of Irish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Scottish, Welsh, French, French-Canadian, Dutch, Belgian Flemish, and German ancestry, as well as 3/2048 African ancestry (through Elizabeth Key Grinstead, who is his ancestor twice over). Lily-Rose’s patrilineal line is traced to Pierre Deppe, a Huguenot, who was born, c. 1706, in France, and to Pierre’s wife, Angelica/Angeline LeVillian/le Villian.

Lily-Rose’s father has often mentioned having Native American ancestry to one degree or the other. It does not appear that this Native American ancestry has been documented. All of Lily-Rose’s father’s grandparents and great-grandparents are listed as “White” on United States Censuses. No verified Native American ancestry has been produced for Lily-Rose’s father.

Lily-Rose’s paternal grandfather is John Christopher Depp, Sr. (the son of Oren Larry Depp and Violet Mattie Grinstead). John was born in Daviess County, Kentucky. Oren was the son of Oren Richard Depp and Effie A. Palmore. Violet was the daughter of Robert Fauntleroy “Roy” Grinstead and Mary E. Bailey.

Lily-Rose’s paternal grandmother was Betty Sue Palmer (born Betty Sue Wells, the daughter of Walter Everett/Everette Wells and Bessie Whitaker). Betty was born in Floyd County, Kentucky. Walter was the son of Richard Mack/Mac Wells and Annie/Anna Cooper. Bessie was the daughter of Branch Whitaker and May/Mae Slone.

Lily-Rose’s maternal grandfather was André René Paradis (the son of René Auguste Paradis and Raymonde Irène Couillais). André was born in Paris. Lily-Rose’s great-grandfather René was the son of Raymond René Paradis and Angèle Lucienne Robin. Lily-Rose’s great-grandmother Raymonde was the daughter of Albert François Couillais and Jeanne Vernet.

Lily-Rose’s maternal grandmother was Corinne Alice Denise Pain (the daughter of Maurice Pain and Jacqueline Frézier). Corinne was born in Paris. Maurice was the son of Adrien Félix Pain and Marie Antoinette Rose Revol.

Lily-Rose is paternally descended from a woman, Martha, who born in 1612, and who was of African descent. Martha had a daughter, Elizabeth Key Grinstead, married to William Grinstead, who were Lily-Rose’s ancestors. Elizabeth’s father, Thomas Key, was caucasian, of English descent. Elizabeth was the first woman of African ancestry to successfully take legal action to free herself from slavery. This happened in 1656. Lily-Rose is descended from Martha twice (on one family tree, she is both one of her nine times great-grandmothers, and one of her ten times great-grandmothers). That would mean that Lily-Rose is of 3/4096 African ancestry.

Some family trees state that Lily-Rose’s nine times paternal great-grandmother was a woman named Nicketti Opechancanough, who is said to have been of Powhatan Native American ancestry. If true, that would make Lily-Rose of 1/4096 Powhatan Native American descent. However, stories about her are believed to be a myth. Scholarly research and records dispute the existence of Nicketti Opechancanough.

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  1. Smellybert says:

    “3/4096 African ancestry.”

    Is all of “Africa” the same?
    Berber ancestry is the same as Zulu ancestry?

  2. liaasunshinecrazy says:

    The Johnny deep have indigenous, african and white
    It’s so funny cuz “every american can be just 100 white or 100 black, but in means in mixed evrything in this small world everything changes lmao

  3. liaasunshinecrazy says:

    She’s african but don’t have the african face lol

  4. Manila says:

    André’s middle name is René, and is now deceased. André was the son of René Auguste Paradis and Raymonde Irène Couillais. Lily-Rose’s great-grandfather René was the son of Raymond René Paradis and Angèle Lucienne Robin. Raymonde was the daughter of Albert François Couillais and Jeanne Vernet.

    Corinne’s middle names are Alice Denise, and her mother was named Jacqueline Frézier. She is now also deceased. Jacqueline was the daughter o

    FOR VANESSA PARADIS: (in addition to the aforementioned)

    Vanessa’s grandfather René was born in Eu, Seine-Maritime. Raymond was the son of François Joseph Paradis and Eugénie Caux. Angèle was the daughter of Albert Robin and Hélène Françoise Giboult.

    Raymonde was born in Paris. Vanessa’s great-grandfather Albert was the son of an unknown father and Victorine Elisabeth Couillais. Jeanne was the daughter of Pierre Donat Vernet and Adrienne Lemoine.

    Adrien was a World War I veteran, and was the son of Félix Eugène Pain, whose own maternal grandfather, Giovanni Antonio Tognotti (or Jean Antoine Tognoti in French), was an Italian plasterer, from Marchirolo, Varese, and of Hortense Alexandrine Blachot. Marie Antoinette was the daughter of Stéphane Jean Fortuné Revol and Jeanne Antoinette Perouse.

    Genealogy of Vanessa Paradis (focusing on her father’s side) –

  5. ashash says:

    She’s stunning! No surprise there given how good-looking both her mother and father were when they were young. If there’s any white celebrity child deserving of a modeling career, it’s her. She’s got something extra to her that the other children don’t have.

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