Eula Valdez

Birth Name: Julia Amorsolo Valdez

Place of Birth: San Miguel, Manila, Philippines

Date of Birth: December 11, 1968

Ethnicity: Filipino (including Tagalog)

Eula Valdes is a Filipina actress. She is the daughter of Estanislao “Dandy” Fermin Valdes and Gracia “Grace” Jorge Amorsolo. Estanislao was from Gapan, Nueva Ecija. Gracia was from Binondo, Manila. Eula was married to Richard Litonjua.

Eula’s paternal grandparents were Emilio Valdés y Reyes (the son of Estanislao Valdés y Agno and Andrea Reyes) and Isabel Fermín.

Eula’s maternal grandparents were Fernando Amorsolo, who was a Filipino painter (the son of Pedro Amorsolo and Bonifacia Cueto), and Salud Tolentino Jorge (the daughter of ? Jorge and ? Tolentino).

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