Dulce María

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Birth Name: Dulce María Espinosa Saviñón

Place of Birth: Mexico City, Mexico

Date of Birth: December 6, 1985

Ethnicity: Mexican – including Spanish [Andalusian, Cantabrian, Castilian, Aragonese], Indigenous, Basque, distant African and Galician, as well as some Italian, one sixteenth Danish, one sixteenth Irish, and one sixteenth Scottish, remote Portuguese

Dulce María is a Mexican singer, songwriter, actress, and author. She was a member of pop group RBD. The other members of the group were Anahí, Christian Chávez, Alfonso Herrera, Maite Perroni, and Christopher von Uckermann.

Dulce is the daughter of Blanca Guadalupe Saviñón Henderson and Fernando Espinosa Ávila. Dulce is married to producer Paco Álvarez, with whom she has a daughter.

Dulce is a first cousin, twice removed, of painter Frida Kahlo. Dulce’s maternal great-great-grandparents, Antonio Calderón Sandoval and Isabel Adela González Garduño, were also Frida’s maternal grandparents.

Dulce’s paternal grandfather was Salvador Espinosa López (the son of Ezequiel Espinosa Rueda and Natalia López Chávez). Salvador was born in Huetamo, Michoacán. Ezequiel was the son of Rosendo Espinosa Jaimés and María Celsa Rueda. Natalia was the daughter of Epifanio López and Candelaria Chávez.

Dulce’s paternal grandmother was María Ávila Villanueva (the daughter of Teófilo Ávila Peñaloza and Virginia Villanueva Gómez). María was born in Huetamo, Michoacán. Teófilo was the son of Modesto Ávila Santa María and María Eufracia Peñaloza López. Virginia was the daughter of Severiano Villanueva Soria and María Pastor Gómez Maldonado.

Dulce’s maternal grandfather was Jorge Rubén Saviñón Tonti (the son of Adalberto Antonio Ramón Saviñón Hermosillo and Eva Theodora Philomena Tonti). Jorge was born in Madrid, Spain. Adalberto was the son of Adalberto Pioquinto Crescencio Agustín Antonio de Padua de Jesús María y José Saviñón Peñarroja and María Dolores Elena Francisca de Paula Magdalena Ignacia Felipa de Jesús Trinidad Gutiérrez de Hermosillo y Veraza. Dulce’s great-grandmother Eva was born in Frederiksberg, Denmark, the daughter of Giuseppe Alfredo Tonti, of Naples, Italy, and of Ingeborg Sophie Helen Høybye, who was Danish.

Dulce’s maternal grandmother was Blanca Isabel Henderson Calderón (the daughter of Juan Henderson Hunt and Guadalupe de la Luz Calderón González). Dulce’s grandmother Blanca was born in Mexico City. Juan was the son of a Scottish emigrant, John Henderson, of Dollar, Clackmannanshire, and of an English emigrant, Agnes Margaret Hunt, of Liverpool, who likely was of Irish origin. Dulce’s great-grandmother Guadalupe was the daughter of Antonio Calderón Sandoval and Isabel Adela González Garduño, and was the maternal aunt of Frida Kahlo.

Dulce’s matrilineal ancestry can be traced to her third great-grandmother, Gregoria Garduño (c. 1825, San Felipe del Progreso, State of Mexico – October 16, 1852, Mexico City).

Source: Genealogy of Dulce María – https://www.geni.com


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