Dermot Mulroney

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Place of Birth: Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 31, 1963

*87.5% Irish
*12.5% German

Dermot Mulroney is an American actor, director, and musician. His roles include The Family Stone, About Schmidt, My Best Friend’s Wedding, and The Wedding Date, among many others.

Dermot is the son of Ellen, a regional theatre actress, and Michael Mulroney, a law professor. His father was of three quarters Irish and one quarter German ancestry. His mother was of entirely Irish descent. His brother is actor and screenwriter Kieran Mulroney.

Dermot is married to Italian cinematography agent Tharita Cesaroni. He has a son with his former wife, actress Catherine Keener; and two children with Tharita.

Dermot’s paternal grandfather was Alphonse James Mulroney (the son of John Patrick Mulroney and Alice B. Cullen). Alphonse was born in Iowa. John was born in New York, the son of Patrick Mulroney, from Kilkenny, Ireland, and Brigit/Bridget McDonald, from Louth, Ireland. Alice was born in Iowa, the daughter of Terrance Cullen and Bridget Golden, both from Cavan, Ireland.

Dermot’s paternal grandmother was Genevieve E. Moran (the daughter of William J. Moran and Minnie Henrietta Musfeldt). Genevieve was born in Iowa. William was born in Iowa, the son of Irish parents, John Moran and Mary O’Brien. Dermot’s great-grandmother Minnie was also born in Iowa, the daughter of German parents, Henry Musfeldt and Sophia Maria Caroline Suckow/Koehn.

Dermot’s maternal grandfather was Donald J. Goen (the son of John J. Goen and Sarah E. Dobbins). Donald was born in Iowa. John was born in California, to Irish parents, Edward J. Goen, from Tipperary, and Mary Hynes. Sarah was born in Iowa, the daughter of John Dobbins and Margaret Doyle, both from Louth, Ireland.

Dermot’s maternal grandmother was Evelyn M. Byrne (the daughter of Morris/Maurice Edward Byrne and Mary Ellen Cahill). Evelyn was born in Iowa. Morris was born in Iowa, to Irish parents. Mary Ellen was born in Iowa, the daughter of Irish parents, James Cahill, from Meath, and Mary A. Carr, from Galway.

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