Ron Livingston

Ron Livingston

Livingston in 2010, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Ronald Joseph Livingston

Place of Birth: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 5, 1967

Ethnicity: German, smaller amounts of Welsh, English, Scottish, and Scots-Irish/Northern Irish

Ron Livingston is an American actor.

Ron is the son of Linda and Kurt Livingston. His mother is a Lutheran minister and his father is an electronics and aerospace engineer. Among his siblings is John Livingston, an actor, and Jennifer Livingston, a television news personality at WKBT in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Ron is married to actress Rosemarie DeWitt, with whom he has two children, who are adopted.

Ron’s patrilineal line can be traced to William Livingston, who was born, c. 1735, in Ireland, and likely was of Scots-Irish/Northern Irish background.

Ron’s paternal grandfather was Ronald E. Livingston (the son of Basil Nathan Livingston and Rosebud Katherine Park). Ron’s grandfather Ronald was born in Iowa. Basil was the son of George A. Livingston and Anna Belle Ludwig. Rosebud was the daughter of Albert Emmet Park and Anna M. Kehm, who was of German descent.

Ron’s paternal grandmother was Janet Mae Roenspiess (the daughter of Harry C. Roenspiess and Gladys Ellen Phillips). Janet was born in Iowa. Harry was the son of Leo P. Roenspiess, who was German, and of Verda/Virda Nicholson/Heatherington. Gladys was the daughter of William Edgar “Willie” Phillips and Mary Elvira/Vira Shroyer.

Ron’s maternal grandfather was Bruno S. Rinas (the son of Adolph Rinas/Rynas and Albertina/Albertine Laudin). Bruno was born in North Dakota. Adolph’s parents, Adolf Rynas and Johanna Rosenberg, were ethnic Germans from Poland. Albertina was an ethnic German from Russia, and was the daughter of Karl Laudin and Louise/Luise Daus.

Ron’s maternal grandmother is Frances Anna Thompson (the daughter of Franklin/Frank Erb/Erbs Thompson and Ann/Anna Fageheese). Ron’s grandmother Frances was born in Iowa. Franklin was born in Michigan, to Canadian parents.

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  1. NathanR says:

    Livingston is a very Scottish surname.

  2. Capricious says:

    Looks like an Ashkenazi Jew to me.

    • RadDaddy says:

      Apparently so do countless non Jews on here.
      Basically every white guy with dark eyes/hair and a 3 day beard growth is a “Jew “on here.
      Of course that is imbecilic, but in the comments section on here Jews keep inappropriately coming up.

      Nothing antisemitic or mentally deranged about that al all…

      Have you ever even met an actual Jew?
      Do you live in outer Mongolia and not know what gentile Europeans look like?

  3. California says:

    I wouldn’t have guessed he was German. He looks Hispanic.

    • andrew says:

      LOL, any person with a dark complexion looks “Hispanic”. Btw I thought he had Scottish ancestry because of his surname. There are Germans/Austrians with that look though.

    • RadDaddy says:

      Why would you guess that?
      Are you a 5 year old child or a person that has never left their parent’s basement/attic?

      BTW, reading comp is important and this profile lists : “German, smaller amounts of Welsh, English, Scottish, and Scots-Irish/Northern Irish.”

      So… Ron Livingston is not wholly of German decent to begin with.

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