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Birth Name: William Patrick Corgan, Jr.

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 17, 1967

*father – Irish, English, Scottish, German, distant Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, remote French and Welsh
*mother – Belgian-Flemish, Italian

Billy Corgan is an American musician, songwriter, producer, poet, and professional wrestling magnate. He is the lead singer and guitarist of alternative rock band The Smashing Pumpkins. The band’s members also include/have included Melissa Auf der Maur, Jimmy Chamberlin, James Iha, and D’arcy Wretzky.

Billy is the son of Martha Louise and William Patrick Corgan. He has two children with his partner Chloe Mendel.

Of his ancestry, he has said:

as best i know i am 25pc Sicilian, 25pct Flemish, 50pct Irish/Scottish/English. Family names are DiBartolo, Maes, Corgan, Wortham.

Billy’s paternal grandfather was Herbert Carl Corgan (the son of Peter Carl Corgan and Grace May Alexander). Herbert was born in Illinois. Peter was the son of James Albert Corgan and Louisa/Louiza Ann Grammer, who was of approximately half German descent. Grace was the daughter of James Thomas Alexander and Eliza/Elizabeth Jane Clark.

Billy’s paternal grandmother was Lillian Ruth Wortham (the daughter of Harry Garner Wortham and Wortha Golden Smith). Lillian was born in Kentucky. Harry was the son of George Washington Wortham and Ivy Lillian Cavanaugh/Cavanah. Billy’s great-grandmother Wortha was the daughter of John Filmore Smith and Serena A. Sisk.

Billy’s maternal grandfather was Henry Peter Maes (the son of Ernest Maes and Martha Julia Van Heck). Ernest and Martha were Belgian emigrants, from Roeselare, Belgium. Ernest was the son of Petrus/Peter Maes and Philomene/Philomena Maris Decouter. Martha was the daughter of Harold Harry Vanhecke and Theresa Faillie.

Billy’s maternal grandmother was Concetta/Consetta Olga “Connie” DiBartolo (the daughter of Cesidio Joseph “Joe” Dibartolo/Di Bartolo and Concetta Louise Luguia Ruscitti/Rucitti). Billy’s grandmother Concetta was born in Illinois, to Italian emigrants, from Raiano, Province of L’Aquila, Abruzzo. Billy’s great-grandmother Concetta was the daughter of Orazio Ruscitti and Domenica.

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  1. drzaius21 says:

    Louisa Ann Grammer seems to be of half-German origin. As for the paternal grandmother, I would say her German ancestry is quite remote as well, dating back to the 1600s. He also has remote Welsh ancestry on his father’s side. That being said he’s mainly Irish, English and Scottish on that side just like he said.

  2. andrew says:

    Louisa Ann Grammer had a lot of German ancestry:

    His paternal grandmother also Scots-Irish, German, remote French

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