Rosemarie DeWitt

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Birth Name: Rosemarie Braddock DeWitt

Place of Birth: Flushing, Queens, New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 26, 1971

Ethnicity: Irish, as well as one eighth German, possibly small amount of English

Rosemarie DeWitt is an American actress. She is the daughter of Rosemarie (Braddock) and Kenny DeWitt. Rosemarie is married to actor Ron Livingston, with whom she has two children, who are adopted. Rosemarie’s maternal grandfather, James J. Braddock, was a famous boxer played in the 2005 film Cinderella Man by Russell Crowe (Rosemarie herself co-starred in the film).

Rosemarie’s paternal grandfather was Vincent L. DeWitt (the son of Hermann/Herman Witt and Mary Catherine Callahan). Vincent was born in New Jersey. Hermann was born in New Jersey, the son of German parents, Hermann Witt and Teresa Leisner. Mary Catherine was also born in New Jersey, the daughter of Irish parents, Charles Edward Callahan and Ellen O’Donnell.

Rosemarie’s paternal grandmother was Frances Farrell (the daughter of John R. Farrell and Delia/Lelia McTague). Frances was born in New York. John was born in New York, to Irish parents, Matthew Farrell and Catherine Cavanagh. Delia was Irish, the daughter of John McTague and Bridget Darcey.

Rosemarie’s maternal grandfather was James Walter “Jim” Braddock (the son of Joseph Braddock and Elizabeth “Lizzie” O’Toole). Rosemarie’s grandfather James was born in New York, and had Irish, and likely English, ancestry. Joseph was born in Cheshire, England, the son of James Braddock and Julia Reddington, who was from Mayo, Ireland. Elizabeth was born in Lancashire, England, the daughter of Thomas O’Toole and Mary Gates.

Rosemarie’s maternal grandmother was Mae T. Fox (the daughter of Peter Joseph Fox and Mary Marony/Maroney). Mae was born in New York. Peter was born in New York, to Irish parents. Mary was Irish.

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  1. Freerk says:

    “Witt” is Low German for “Weiss” (white). Her German ancestors must be from northern Germany, probably NW, because she looks more Dutch than German. (Btw., “wit” is Dutch for white, same pronunciation than Low German “witt”.)

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