Ana de Armas

Ana de Armas attends the 'Hands Of Stone' Photocall during the 6

de Armas in 2016, photo by Denis Makarenko/Bigstock

Birth Name: Ana Celia de Armas Caso

Place of Birth: Havana, Cuba

Date of Birth: 30 April, 1988

Ethnicity: Cuban [Spanish]

Ana de Armas is a Cuban actress. She is known for her roles in the films Knock Knock, Exposed, War Dogs, Knives Out, and No Time to Die among others.

She is the daughter of Ana and Ramón. She was born in Havana, Cuba and raised in the seaside town of Santa Cruz del Norte. On her mother’s side, her grandfather was from Guardo, Palencia, and her grandmother was from Valverde de Balboa, León. Ana moved to Madrid, Spain, when she was eighteen to pursue an acting career. She is also a Spanish citizen.

A picture of Ana with her parents can be seen here.


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  1. Akwaba says:

    Her maternal grandmother could have Galician origins, her village is in an area where people speak this language (, does anyone found informations about her mother’s genealogy ?

  2. charicew says:

    She looks white but cubans and Puerto Ricans are not white. She has taino and african ancestors like every other cuban and Puerto Rican hispanic. The taino and african genetics combined override the white genes. No matter how white they look I always remind carribean latinos they are not white. I used to get offended when carribean latinos would say they’re not black as if being black is a bad thing but now I just let them be delusional.

    • jonasbttencourt says:

      Excuse me, but she’s problaby whiter than many spanish people in Spain nowdays. There’s literally zero evidence of non-euro ancestry on her background. She looks perfectly northern spaniard and canary islander, must be like a 50/50 or 60/40 situation. You do realise most of the people that are called ”latino” in north america would be considered white in the rest of the world, right? The avarage ”hispanic-american”, who is considered a ”minority race” is heavily european, most cuban americans for example are CLEARY white, like Marco Rubio, who’s over 90% euro, more than many southern ”WASPs”, not to mention Andy Garcia(also Cuban-A), Rita Moreno(PR-A), Benicio del Toro(also PR-A), Greg Giraldo(Colombian-A), etc…These are all white people for the rest of the world, the north american and northwestern european notion of race/ethnicity is a bad joke.

      • ashash says:

        Ana’s maternal grandparents are from Spain and there are plenty of Cubans who are over 90% European like Marco. It is what it is, but a lot of them are white. A lot of them are also mixed. A lot of them are also Black. I don’t know why people like to pretend that Latinos are all the same race, ethnicity, etc. They are diverse like the U.S.

    • NatureIsNurture says:

      “she looks white” yeah i wonder Why….dude don’t come here with you “hidden” racism talking like being white is special or some shit, tryna act like you pro black when all you say is white supremacy Bullshit at it’s finest “the white gene” fuck off, Everyone in this planet is “mixed” no such thing as a pure breed, so don’t come in here with that colonizer bullshit BASICALLY rejecting one of your own to make white ppl seem more special, it’s a heritage and a color stfu, “used to get offended” soo? get offended you white inbreed bitch, some latinos say they are not black because not all latinos are black, you closet white supremasist bitches will see an asian-latino and literally go “Why wont you admit you are a black” ….gtfo, white ppl in america are obsessed about race, meanwhile europeans don’t give a crap who is or isn’t “white person”.

  3. italiano90 says:

    There’s no way muricansrallmutts is european if they think Ana De Armas looks “ethnic”. She would not stick out in Spain. She looks fully european

    Most cubans are multiracial, Ana is not one of them.

  4. NOTREALLY says:

    jesus you’re a schizo

    • FLASHP01NT says:

      You can clearly see she’s not ethnically Cuban. The Armas family immigrated to Cuba from Spain. Anna De Armas, then, immigrated back to Spain, when she was 18, to pursue acting. The website should not have Cuba listed at all. Her moms last name is Caso, which is not of Spanish origin. If I had to guess, based on her appearance alone, I would say she is a mix of Spanish and Italian (on her fathers side) and Spanish and French (on her mothers side). Either way, it is most likely she is a mix of (mostly) Spanish, then (some) French, and (some) Northern Italian.

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